Will Nick Diaz Fight in the UFC Again?


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Dana White says that Nick Diaz won’t fight in the UFC again, but that is just if you are asking his opinion of it. White sat down with MMAJunkie to discuss the state of the UFC and the Diaz brothers after the USADA report came out that he missed three whereabout check ins. Unsurprisingly, the whereabout check in test for USADA is the type of test that a Diaz brother would never care about in the first place.

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19 thoughts on “Will Nick Diaz Fight in the UFC Again?”

  1. Marijuana has destroyed Nick Diaz.  He came to the UFC in 2011, and fell into a drug induced spiral ever since.  His only highlight was defeating BJ Penn.  Nick has lost every fight, having two ruled NC for failed drug tests.  He's been suspended 3 times for drug use, totaling three and a half years.  Every Instagram post or media event is him smoking dope.  Great career pal.  Enjoy your marijuana.

  2. nick diaz vs diego sanchez that fight has to happen again
    and a nick vs nate that shit would be epic
    nick:fuck you bitch stockton mother fucker…

    nate: im tellin MOM!. bitch! fuck you get slapped stockton
    middle finger.

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