5 Reasons Why Samsung Smartphone Price Is Always Expensive


Gang, Samsung is now one of the major vendors that produce Android smartphones. Starting from low-end to high-end, all already devoured by Samsung. So confused ya want to choose which one? Hehehe .. But alas, the price is always more expensive than other vendors, Gang. Want to know the reason?

1. Many Ads

Want to know why Xiaomi price is cheap? This is because Xiaomi never advertise, Gang. In contrast to Samsung's latest smartphone ads you can see in various media. Starting from TV, internet to posters on the street. Samsung even advertises up to 58 countries, Gang!

You are certainly still remember the incident exploding Galaxy Note 7 right? Because of concerns about the possibility of loss of consumers, South Korean companies are also willing to install large-scale advertising in November 2016 ago. Samsung even to install iklah in several major newspapers of the United States to apologize profusely for the incident, to claim to fail to create a safe product.

2. Famous Vendors

Who does not know Samsung? Not just a smartphone, Samsung also gave birth to many products ranging from TV, refrigerator, tablets, laptops, cameras to other electronics. And again, Samsung's smartphone smartphone has been known to have good features and build quality.

3. Routine Releasing New Smartphone

Could be the reason this one that makes Samsung smartphone prices soar, but with the specs are fairly mediocre. With the frequent release of new smartphones that follow the trend, then want to not want the price of this new smartphone should be higher right than the previous smartphone?

Why is that? Logically, Samsung would lower the price of the old smartphone when releasing a new, automatic revenue will decrease. Similarly, if you release a new smartphone with the same price as the previous smartphone, Samsung would be a loss.

4. Do not Want to Leave Trends

Time again trend of 4G LTE network, Samsung issued many new smartphone that support 4G lho, Gang. And along with the high demand, the price was bandwagon too high by Samsung. No exception with other trends.

5. Not Want to Lose From Apple

Make you a literate technology and social media, must know really fierce competition that occurred between Apple and Samsung? Whether suing each other patents, competing in displaying new features or mutually sarcastic in advertising.

This phenomenon is actually triggered by Samsung who do not want to lose with Apple, Gang. If Apple is able to sell the iPhone with an expensive price, Samsung can not do it as well? For that reason, then Samsung presents a variety of quality smartphones in various classes and sell them at high prices.

Not just for smartphone affairs, Samsung also did not want to lose to Apple in developing an automated car, Gang. As the development into a new era of technology, the world's largest smartphone manufacturer from South Korea is apparently also challenged to become a major player. Curious? Wait aja play date yes!

Well, already know right now 5 causes why Samsung smartphone prices are always priced very expensive? Back again, if you are interested in cheap smartphone, there are many alternatives besides Samsung kok. Write your comments below and watch other Rat Walk videos!

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47 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Samsung Smartphone Price Is Always Expensive”

  1. bukan nya samsung itu mahal karena awet..kuat dan tampilan nya menarik ya ..ku kira itu yang membuatnya mahal. 🙂

  2. tapi bnar smartphone yg pertama kali mengeluarkan jenis Android ya Cuma samsung..baru yg lain ngikut..Memang lah Raja nya Android ya samsung..
    kalau Apple memang beda System..tapi No1 in the world ya Apple..

  3. S8 smartphone paling keren dari segi bentuk & fitur, gak tau kalo si buah launching yg versi 8.

  4. semua smartphone bagus
    ntah hp pemain lama atau pemain baru tapi yg susah adalah menarik kepercayaan konsumen. kalo disuru pilih. saya lebih milih samsung dibanding yg lain

  5. semua smartphone bagus
    ntah hp pemain lama atau pemain baru tapi yg susah adalah menarik kepercayaan konsumen. kalo disuru pilih. saya lebih milih samsung dibanding yg lain

  6. semua smartphone bagus
    ntah hp pemain lama atau pemain baru tapi yg susah adalah menarik kepercayaan konsumen. kalo disuru pilih. saya lebih milih samsung dibanding yg lain

  7. tetep raksasa iphone with samsung.. d bawah2 nya berlomba2 meniru body dan spesipikasinya apple n samsung..

  8. kenapa samsung mahal jawapanya senang saja…

    sbb samsung ialah kim ci dan kim ci tu mahal sbb kim ci ialah buatan korea

    dan korea brg mahal dan samsung bayar banyak wang utk buat iklan..

    sbb mahal tulah org korea buat semua jenis brg semuanya mahal…

    sekian terima kasih wakakakakaka….

  9. siapa bilang samsung mahal karna banyak pasang iklan…..iphone aja iklannya dikit tapi harganya selangit …..bnyak hp lain yg gk banyak pasang iklan tapi mahal 1 contoh hp one plus

  10. mungkin tinggal menunggu wkt nya,, seperti nokia yg anjlok ketika blackberry merajai pasar dgn badrol yg terjangkau..

  11. bikin video tentang sony dong,. kenapa bisa gone di indonesia , apakah bangkrut beneran, atau menghindari rule baru dari indonesia ?

  12. ya karena kuat gw aja masuk air nggak mati tapi speakernya nggak bersuara tapi beberapa menit langsung kering terus jatuh nggak apa2 gw udah punya tablet 7 tahun yang lalu nggak rusak2

  13. Samsung A5 2016 saya, sering bgt jatuh dari ketinggian dada org dewasa tapi nggak pernah tuh sampe error ato touch screen nya pecah. (:

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