How to Lose Weight and Keep Your Curves | 3 Healthy Diet Tips (No More “Skinny Fat”)

healthy diet

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What’s up What’s up! Today I’m breaking down how to lose weight, burn fat and get lean while keeping your curves. No more endless cardio or restrictive diets just to end up “skinny fat”. Nope. We’re doing this the healthy and sustainable way. I’d love to release a follow up video on this, so please comment any request you have below!


30 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight and Keep Your Curves | 3 Healthy Diet Tips (No More “Skinny Fat”)”

  1. I love how informative she is, she explains what works, and what people are doing wrong, I love it cause it helps me at the gym thanks!

  2. i am vegetarian ?!!!! is there anyway i can still gain muscle while losing fat with out eating meat? i really dont want to give up being vegetarian but if it will help me achive the body i want then i guess there is no other way around it.?

  3. i loooove how informative your videos are! we can really understand what happens to our body and the healthiest way to do all of these steps!! thanks abby :')

  4. You are such a huge help. I've learned more about my body and weight problem just by watching your videos. I love that you offer tip but also break things down to help other have a better understanding of what they might be doing wrong and how to fix it! Thank you, soo much!

  5. Will you PLEASE do a video about weight loss with IBS? It's so hard to find information about this

  6. I have struggled with losing weight after my now 20 month old. I have Uterine Prolapse, Spondylolithesis, and an irritated disc so I am so limited on sage exercises to do. One of the things my Dr said is absolutely no lifting anything over 20 lbs for the rest of my life (except for my son when I have to). among other things lile squats, running, etc. I have 13 years between my sons so that probably didn't help all this lol. Any suggestion you can give would be so greatly appreciated.

  7. Hi! Is it possible to loose fat while gaining muscle just by working out at home with sandbags, dumbbells? It¡s impossible for me to go to a gym 🙁

  8. idk how but I am blessed with my chest, and my weight/shape. but I aint had a butt, I trained it like dayyuumm and now I kinda have a cute butt, now my skin is beginning doin weird around my butt (I had stretch marks too but they are gone yay)

  9. I gain muscle super easily mesomorph and years of soccer. my legs are or used to beautiful but they are much too big and I want to lose fat and muscle. I want to tone my legs down and still keep curves. soccer made me lose everything up top but my legs. help if possible.

  10. I work night shifts…this really messes up my metabolism and cravings, How can I and when is the best time to fit in workouts to maximise effects when you're doing nights? x

  11. How long is the vanity planet code good for? <3 My budget is tight, so I'm trying to plan around it so I don't miss out. 😀

  12. Hello, Abby, I'd like to ask You a question. I belong to that skinny fat group and would love to gain muscle weight. Unfortunately I'm genetically prone to varicose veins which makes it harder to get strength training. Actually my doctor strictly forbade me from lifting weights and advised me calisthenics instead. I enjoy this type of training but also realize that it won't help me sculpt my body (especially the lower part of it) as much as weight lifting could. What advise could You give me in this situation? I'm 23 years old, my BMI is 17,1 (if knowing that helps anyhow). Greetings from Poland 🙂

  13. When she said Canada 🙂 then said McMaster 🙂 🙂 double smile. Realest video on YouTube about weight loss. Definitely have to subscribe.

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I kinda knew this BUT I needed to hear it. I've been working out mostly with weights, HIIT and renewed my diet and weighed myself after quite a long time staying off the scales: after being brought up "by numbers" and "slave to the scales" I got really disheartened yesterday when all my hard work has lost me no more than 2lb! Well… after a moment of serious wobbly lip I tried on my skinny jeans I haven't managed to get past my thighs for a while and lo and behold! ; no more muffin top or tummy roll! Thank you…. My new mantra now when I hop onto the scales: "Fit, not skinny!" P.S. Your videos are amazing!

  15. oh my god every one of your videos are so informative!! thank you so much for blessing us with this information

  16. The typical western "dieter" man or woman, has NO issue getting protein… the average grown man only needs about 55 grans per day.

  17. Can you do a video on how to train lower body when you have "bad knees". After having my ACL replaced I can't squat like I did before. Thanks!!!

  18. By the way these scales work is that they essentially read electrical currents via water and/or muscle in the body. By that logic, wouldn't these results be more or less accurate by how hydrated one is on the day of the weigh-in, and, compared to the next weigh-in day, he or she would have to be hydrated about the same? In order to have a more accurate progress comparison? These scales always seemed kind of finicky to me in that aspect, but I suppose they're more in-depth than a traditional scale.

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