30 Min. Mat-Only Butt, Hips,& Thighs Workout | Day 10: PM – AM/PM HIIT Series


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[Est. Calories Burned: Updating…]

Always consult with a physician before beginning this or any other workout routine.

Equipment Needed:

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40 thoughts on “30 Min. Mat-Only Butt, Hips,& Thighs Workout | Day 10: PM – AM/PM HIIT Series”

  1. Oh Wow Millhoy.. Fine toning. This stuff is really underrated. It works. I know form experience. It also burns the heck out of your butt.  Looking forward tot this tmw Cheers, Kate 🙂  

  2. Interesting! Definitely will try it. A mat workout from you! So, you believe that such high-rep body weigh moves can help building shapely legs to both men and women? I do this type of workouts sometimes and see results, but some people argue that only hardcore lifting can build those curves, calves and quads we want). 

  3. So Millhoy. My hamstrigns are burning from the get go. My butt is crazy hurting. But oh it feels good. Thank you. Great workout. Cheers, Kate 🙂

  4. It was the best choice, right after the gamer themed workout…but I had to take my beloved ankle weight off during the Side Winders:) and grab my beloved dumbbells for hip thrusts and bridges! Great concept, thanks a lot! Only a well dosed mixture of weighted squats, plyometric moves, cardio erercises and isolated butt exercises can provide the desired bubblicious result, and your unique workout channel gives the opportunity to achieve my most shaped body EVER. Close to age 40. WOW! You're A Wizard!

  5. Really, really like it! I did it after a 11 km run with the ankle weights, i think i can't walk tomorrow! I love, love, love this kind of sore! Now we know that you are very good also at butt workouts, so please post more and more! Thanks 🙂

  6. Amazing!! This day is a full success! First we went out for lunch and I didnt cheat although I could have very easily but I stayed consistent and modified my order that way so it was very healthy! And now I'm finishing of the day like this! What a fulfillment 🙂 

  7. awesome!! I love all your workouts… they have been a game changer for me! I am a mom of three little boys and I don't have time to go to the gym, with your workouts I don't need to! I've even got my hubby doing them with me and our bodies are changing! Thank you!!! 

  8. Amazing workout! Good to see a real person exercising, getting tired and fighting to keep going with us and not some flawless robots without emotions or no drop of sweat. I was laughing at moment 14.50 haha it motivated me to continue even though i was dying! Also you showed a lot of exercises i've never seen so plus for originality. Thanks man and keep up the good work 😀

  9. Millhoy…You are a monster!! My butt is already big. It just needs to stay toned. I have an arch in my lower back so for some of your exercises. I have to place my hands under my butt. Great exercises!!

  10. This replaced my goal of doing that quiet but deadly butt workout lol because I lifted so hard yesterday my deltoid is having issues. Great #buttliftworkout and #toning. You CRACK ME UP with your comments and that is why we all love you. later today doing the 40 minute kickboxing HIIT craziness to boost my system in the PM. thanks from http://YouTube.com/healthyhotair!

    A butt workout to pull in wide or square rears plus lift so arabesques, curtsy lunges not alternating, bent leg lifts like today but maybe 40 each side, rainbows again and jump lunges x 4 sets. That'd be killer also. It's my personal butt lift workout minus the deadlifts lol

  11. love this workout, it was fun and i feel it! ( well , actually i love all of your workouts!!! ) …

    btw, on your description it says [Est. Calories Burned: 202-449] but on your video it says [116-317 calories] so , it was a little mistake on your description?

  12. My boy Hoy you are amazing! I am addicted to your workouts, can't get enough, use them everyday and they are really helping to make me stronger. Insanity ain't got nothin on you! Your library of video's are amazing, keep up the great work your are such a great motivator, love starting my day with you!!

  13. One of my all time fav vids on this channel. Yup between this vid and the HIITBooty video your undercarriage will be FIT!

  14. This was so much fun to do and to watch! I was laughin and cryin right with you. I never leave comments but I found you recently and had to let you know, so thanks for all that you do. Side note that blue is a great color on ya!

  15. Wow I can't believe that was 30 minutes. I love that it went so fast bc there Are so many different moves. Let's see how sore I am tomorrow.

  16. Great job!! As with all your videos… You don't repeat exercises and I seem to sweat nicely with each of them!! Keep up the good work!! Love your honesty and I love when I stop and say oy need more air you stop for a second as well!!! Great job!!!

  17. Thanks for this workout! Can I suggest you to please do more workouts on the mat/knee friendly exercises?! You keep me motivated but unfortunately squats are no go for me. Keep up the cool vids! 🙂

  18. I doubt you'll see this since this video is old, but I'll ask just in case, is this better to be done before or after some standing high intensity workout of yours? I always do it after but I'm wondering what's best.

  19. This workout is no joke! It had me dripping in sweat. I love all of the bridges. I can't wait to try your other videos.

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