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This video’s about teaching your parrot to fly. And, believe it or not, many parrots don’t actually know how to fly because they’ve been clipped at some point in their lives. Sometimes when you get a parrot as a baby, it has very little flying experience. But, at that point, even in the wild, parrots have to learn to fly; it’s not instinctive to them.

So, parrots that have never had the chance to fly before, when their feathers regrow and they’re no longer clipped, they actually need to learn how to fly around. So, I have developed this two-perch training technique with two of the Parrot Wizard training perches and you can use that to teach your reluctant parrot how to fly.

So, we’ll start by targeting the bird form perch to perch. Good. Perch wood target. Now, this is an easy step in terms. I’m going to just spread that distance a little bit and make him work a little harder at stepping across the gap. That’s good. Target. Good boy. Target.

Now, spread the gap just a little bit further. The goal is to make the gap just big enough that he has to take a big step or a hop to get across. That’s good. As your parrot learns how to start hopping the gap, he might fall and get a little bit unbalanced in the process. It’s going to make him throw his wings out and he’s going to have to actually learn how to fly a little bit across the short distance. So, I’m going to bring that back just a bit and show you how the big, big step works. Okay. Target.

So, you go from a big step to a little flight. Good. Then, you just keep practicing the process. Don’t forget that your parrot is actually learning to fly in this process. Also, your parrot is working it’s flight muscles. Your parrot’s muscles may be atrophied if it hasn’t flown a lot in the past. So, by doing these exercises your actually not only teaching it how to fly; you’re also exercising it to fly. Target. Good boy. Very good. Truman, target. Good boy. Target. Good job. Very good, Truman.

Now, the next step is teaching your parrot to fly to you, not just between stands. So, the beginning stands are good because they’re sturdy and reliable and your parrot can stay on them. But then you want to teach the bird to fly to you, that point you can get rid of the second stand and teach it to fly to your hand. At first, I’m going to use my other hand in front of the stand to trick it to keep doing what it was doing before, which is flying from stand to stand.

Instead, now I’m having it fly to my hand in the process. Truman, target. He’s doing it to my hand as he was doing it to the stand. We’re going to try that again. Target. That’s good. Very good, Truman. Good job. For the first few times, to teach the bird to go to your hand, you just have him fly from to stands to the palm of your hand and he learns to come to your hand.

Once he’s learned that, we can get rid of that second stand altogether and teach him to fly to your hand as the target. Target. Good boy. And now you can teach your bird how to fly back. Finally, you can take these skills to the very maximum and teach your bird to fly by command.

I like to call a parrot’s name since I have more than just one, so that each bird knows their call by name. So, only the bird that I call flies to me when I call their name. Truman. Good boy, Truman. Very good. Come get a perch. Good job. By teaching the command for it to fly to me, which is their name, then I save a perch for them to fly back. Truman. Good boy. That’s how you teach a parrot to fly.


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  1. My bird can fly but she doesn't like to. She only flies when she really wants to otherwise she'll start screaming and I'll finally have to bring her to were she wants to go.

  2. how do you teach your bird to fly where you point and then also fly to the person you point to? Please make a video on that thanks

  3. Wow super helpful!! Thank you so much!! Also I don't know if you've already made a video about this but, if you could give me some tips on how to make my new bird comfortable with coming onto my arm and shoulder and not flying away I would very much appreciate it!!!

  4. shut up and take my money.(and give me your parrot)…

    and you disagree.i wanna tell u something,i have very particular sat of skills.skills that gonna help me to find you.and when i find you,i will take that parrot away from you?……….hehe??

  5. Hi, I wonder what do you used to klick and point that white thing you used. I haven't seen it before and not in our zoo shops in Sweden. It seems to work so good with training, my birds are afraid every tree pointer I tried and they have a big one in their gadget but they even don't use it to their picks either… I'm trying to left these two very fighting and angry birds away and take an new one from the nest and trying to do it good. I want to get blackhead love bird and these I have are a bit smaller but known as the biggest biting birds……xx/ Annelie Bergström /:

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing this! What are you using for treat when the bird flies. the one that looks like a small stick? what is it called so I can find it? I already have the clicker. thanks!

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