Big Daddy Weave – “Redeemed” (Official Music Video)

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Big Daddy Weave – “Redeemed” – from the new album Love Come To Life, available on iTunes –


34 thoughts on “Big Daddy Weave – “Redeemed” (Official Music Video)”

  1. this song gave me comfort in federal prison and knowing that God has a plan for you . Praise to God

  2. Amen Holy Father! Your Love has carried me most of my life, when I knew it was time for a change; Father, You cleansed all my addictions, healed me, & took my chains off! You freed me from my debt, and Dear Father, You brought me to my wealthy place!!! Praise be to The Lord! His Love Endures Forever! Amen

  3. Praise the Lord. This is my every morning ritual song. Starts my day off fresh, clean, and with the spirit!!!!!

  4. all my life I've been bullied but I know gods with me. I've been through pain regret but now non of that matters anymore cause I am redeemed. AMEN

  5. I just found this song today and I am at a loss for words. I've been struggling a lot lately, but God always sets me free from these chains of depression, anxiety, and OCD! ❣️

  6. I love Jesus! I have always known Jesus but for over ten years i did not listen to him at all. I was saved or recommitted my life to jesus in 1997. Was a new christian again and the devil came running. Made my own moves that led me down a 12 year path of addiction. Only by the grace of God i made it through it. I have been clean 8 years now. The only reason i made it through was because Jesus was with me even though I wasnt with him at the moment. I thank God everyday that I am free today and that he never gave up on me! He is coming back for you, me and all who call on the name of Jesus. REDEEMED

  7. the first time i heard this song tears filled me eyes. tears of old failers and tears of Redemption. Songs like this gave me more hope of faith to keep on going. sometimes the devil likes to mess w/me head and it makes me hesitant to face the world out the in me community. but that's what prair is for. on me knees. i ask God for the armor to protect me from my own weaknesses of me flesh n eyes. and day by day me strength. grows stronger… im not alone. of how i feel . listen brothers and sisters God is with you he just wants us to pray. to have that personal relationship with him. I'm not a bad but I'm not too good either . but as long as we keep trying to do the right thing and pray on her knees to God. he hears those prayers. so don't give up brothers and sisters.AST.

  8. I fell to low places, when escaping the pain of loosing my family. My Christian church going husband, loved some one other than me. BUT GOD! ! ! Set me free, set my feet on His solid rock. . . now I am upgraded by Him . . . continually being upgraded from Glory to Glory! He set me FREE. . .He will set YOU FREE! ! !

  9. I loss my son the day after Christmas this is the store that was play at his service . I miss him. god called him home very early. James Earl O'Neal jr. ur mother loves u

  10. every day… every morning.. all throughout the day I play this song. As with so many others, I have been blessed and redeemed. Cleansed, starting anew. Props to the Man Jesus!!!!

  11. 4 months clean from cutting! Feels great y'all! I thank God me for saving me in those dark times! Thank you Lord!

  12. Awesome song period and thank God I am redeemed from my past of drugs and alcohol into this new man in Christ.

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