Bodybuilding for Strength? Size, Technique & Programming

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43 thoughts on “Bodybuilding for Strength? Size, Technique & Programming”

  1. Solid advice, form is definitely everything and performing that to the best of your ability will make or break your PRs

  2. Omar, by far you have the best fitness channel on Youtube. You put out new videos very frequently AND they are filled with awesome and PRACTICAL content. Seems like most other channels are getting pretty stale and do the same shit video after video. But Bromar is on a roll! Take some notes muthafuckas!

  3. Omar, what are these body building parameters you guys are talking about, I'm struggling to gain size, im eating, just getting fatter, i lift alot and i lift with my heart and soul so help me with that please

  4. i like those guys and to some point its interesting
    but omar all ur last content is focussed too much on powerlifting
    i really dont care how much ppl bench/deadlift/squat man honestly, i care for natural size

  5. Mark Bell speaking the truth, great as always!

    I am glad I dont live in the US and have to pay 1 billion for hospital visits lol, its free! And not that I sink the bar down to my fking spine when I bench, but still.

  6. A question for anyone with knowledge. How much does a workouts "toughness" affect the energy expanditure, or calories burned? For example if someone does a 5×5 routine with 80% of their max, as opposed of doing the same with 70%?
    Obviously the latter is much easier for the trainee, but how much does the caloric burn differ? 

  7. I've been wondering, as a football player wanting to build explosiveness and strength. Would I be better off going with westside conjugate method? Or 5/3/1?  

  8. Hey guys, Thanks for the tips. I am new to weight training. I primarily want to achieve strength so i started with Stronglifts 5×5. After i have done my lifts, would doing higher reps maybe 2-3 sets for each body part work towards hypertrophy? or should i solely stick to the 5×5  for a while before doing some hypertrophy work?

  9. this guys dumb as fuck.. and up himself 
    'guys who can lift 500 pounds like myself' tenses 
    'get big within reason' 
    didn't know you could control people? what a wanker, total wanker 

  10. I loled @pornhub

    I did the fatasstobadass for 2 weeks but it seems i tweaked my shoulders doing overhead presses, i hope i'm not down for a while

  11. With knowledge comes great responsibility.

    Such a shame that you couldn't communicate your points (All valid) with a bit more composure. The art of persuasion is greatly influenced by how we communicate and the words (or whiny noises) we choose to b*tch about YT comments & other athletes.

    Your confidence crosses over into cocky = you've forgotten you too was once a beginner embarking on mistakes.

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