How to Cook: Filipino Pancit


I teach you how to make one of my favorite filipino foods- Pancit! Did I do a good job, Lola?!


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If you’ve read this far, comment what else you want me to cook!


37 thoughts on “How to Cook: Filipino Pancit”

  1. I absolutely love how cute her cooking videos are, but it would have been much easier to soak the noodles in HOT water 🙂

  2. hi megan  like I like you but um are you like nikki limo I think I like you or maby well oh suck in im filipno and guam

  3. My 100% computer got to watch 1,000 cooking videos! But he crashed and only got to watch the video. :*(

  4. Hi Megan! I really like you now, hahaha! before, I only saw your dance videos and now you're cooking different kinds of Filipino dishes too and that's great! You're like a crazy chef in your kitchen, lol. Hope to see you someday my crush 🙂 <3 keep it up!

    PS: try to cook Pork Sinigang 🙂

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