Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables

You are what you eat, and if you eat these vegetables you are healthy! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 vegetables. We rank the vegetables based not only on their health attributes, but also on price, convenience and overall flavor.


37 thoughts on “Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables”

  1. im eating all of those and also all fruits i feel fresh and healthy
    I also eat meat that have vitamins too and chicken which is not from anywhere i grow chickens when they be bigger i kill them and i cook them

  2. I'm having trouble looking past the fact that the person in the video is using a marble cutting board. That's going to ruin your knives!

  3. If only my parents would buy these…? I can eat much vegs. as I can but my parents is not a healthy eater huhu what should I do.?

  4. My man is diabetic and has dementia had two strokes 2014 and goes to dialysis three times a week 12 hours and only 49 years old, it's time for me to take charge and feed him better, and he'starting to enjoy eating healthier 🙂

  5. Eggplants, tomatoes and peppers are fruits. If it has seeds in it, its a fruit. Period. No exceptions. Shame on you, mojo folks!!

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  7. Capsicums are chillis, and chillis are fruits. My dads a fucking chilli dude, check out: The Hippyseedcompany.

  8. Does all that BULLSHIT in this video have a source or are you just making it up? Why is there no mention of where you have your knowledge from? As if your viewers just trust what you say out of your ass?! When you start Claiming somethings help against cancer then you need to have your shit in order.

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  10. I think tomatoes are not healthy at all. There could be sugar in them. One time this guy told me he was avoiding diabetes but he kept eating tomatoes all the time then he got dibetes ..

  11. STOP, Stop abusing your knife by colliding the fine sharp edge on a hard stone surface, did your mother drop you on your head, its not rocket science.

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