The Walking Dead ZOMBIE Halloween Tutorial

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33 thoughts on “The Walking Dead ZOMBIE Halloween Tutorial”

  1. Very cool, may I make one small suggestion? As you are now the undead/zombie and have been chowing down on flesh and and rotting bodies, your teeth should not not be soooooooo white-LOL-This is what I do…. rub the black tooth costume paste over teeth and then take one of those dentist red tablets, chew it and spit out. Ta! Da! Cheers and thanks for the awesome video tutorial. 🙂

  2. Do you have to make your face white? Will it look weird if it isnt white/pale? And can you use eye shadow for the eyes?

    Thanks ;3

  3. My problem with using the liquid latex and everything is if it's time consuming. I'm doing makeup on many people and have to get it done under 15mins (give or take) so,yeah! it'll be a challenge :/

  4. you looked so creepy when you got into character at the end! Great job. Also, the red eyeliner on the water line added so much creepiness to the look!

  5. I hate how they all try to give zombies no expressions by giving them expressions. So lame. Nice make-up tho.

  6. I think this chicks zombie looks better then the ones with all the crap glued to their faces, well most of them, anyways for zombie either go feesh zombie , or decay. NEVER in between.

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