Spin me right round!! – R6S hilarious moments!!!


Spin me right round!! – R6S hilarious moments!!! subscribe and like ?

Rainbow Six Siege Hysteric moments series is funny clips of R6S from me and my friends while we play ranked and causal on PS4 in which i edit to add extra humor with dank memes with the classics such as surprise motherfucker, it was at this moment he knew he fucked up and Eddy Wally WOW! and even more including MLG green screens and sound effects if you like this sort of content subscribe! this content is on velvet shell the most recent season of r6s which brought us Mira and Jackal also this is after the mid season reinforcements

In this video we discuss magic mushrooms and see a spinning drone having a whale of a time!!

Rainbow Six Siege otherwise known as R6S or just Siege is the most recent game within the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series this game brought to us through Ubisoft which you’d get a fun tactical game which takes skill to master which can be found with your eye sight reflexes and more the game makes you make split second choices on what to do to win the round there is too main modes casual and ranked which you can play hostage, secure area and bomb on a ton of maps the game is often updated with free DLC that comes with a free new map and 2 new operators with unique abilities which can be brought with ingame money which is earned by playing games you get more if you win ( renown )

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