21 INTENSE cardio & FAT BURNING exercises for in the gym


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These cardio and fat burning exercises are a must in your workout.
They will get the heart pumping like crazy.

Only the most important tip is given per exercise. If you want more tips, you can comment below.

00:00 intro
00:05 Box jumps (Plyo or Step)
00:29 Crawl with pull (Sandbag)
00:40 Explosive power jumps
00:51 Frontal step jumps (Plyo or Step)
01:02 High to low jumps (Plyo and Step)
01:14 Jump overs (Plyo or Step)
01:25 Jumping Jacks
01:36 Rope jumping Jacks (Battle rope)
01:47 Barbarian Squat (all kinds of weights possible)
01:58 Circle deadlifts (Steps & weights)
02:10 Frog squats
02:21 Double spiderman jumps
02:32 Frog lunges
02:43 Lateral running
02:54 Lunge switches (Mat not mandatory)
03:05 Mountain climber
03:16 Switch kicks
03:28 Power burpee (Sandbag)
03:39 Split Jack waves (Battle Rope)
03:50 Rope shuffle (Battle rope)
04:01 Outro

Make sure you consult with a trainer if you are unsure about the proper posture for these exercises.

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