Gallon Of Milk Smashing Prank (Public Falling Prank) [HD]

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These 3 guys are falling over in supermarkets with gallons of milk. Filmed in the USA. It is a public prank, and is not my video, but this video is hard to find because it keeps getting taken down I think. Enjoy the video


36 thoughts on “Gallon Of Milk Smashing Prank (Public Falling Prank) [HD]”

  1. so while my ass is mourning over my dry ass frosted flakes these bums are wasting the milk I coulda used

  2. 0:05. This is mostly disturbance than a prank. you just intentionally spilled milk on her and didn't say sorry. they are making the store clean it and but more milk. ? 🙁

  3. fuck the people who thinks doing this in public is funny. what about the other people who suffer cause of this retards problems involving a missing chromosome

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