GoPro: Ice Climbing Interstellar Spice


Helmcken Falls is the fourth highest waterfall in Canada. The flow from Murtle River drops down 140m without a break. Despite cold winters, the main stream never freezes, but the freezing spray from the massive waterfall covers overhanging rocks behind it. Steep overhanging walls and big roofs covered in ice, makes it home to the hardest ice and mixed routes in the world.

Name – Interstellar Spice
Height – 80m
Grade – WI 12 (water ice 12)
Location – Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provicial Park, BC, Canada
Date of ascent – Feb 2016
Climbers – Tim Emmett (GB) and Klemen Premrl (Slovenia)

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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35 thoughts on “GoPro: Ice Climbing Interstellar Spice”

  1. Are the GoPro channel videos all actually shot entirely on a GoPro? I've seen a lot of GoPro footage and it's never looked as good as these, not to mention the sound quality is much better than other ones I've heard. For example: When they're in the vehicle.

  2. So you're now in the business of trying to shutter small companies based on the fact that they have the word "go" in the name?

    You should do an episode on sharks, I bet you could jump over one or maybe even several.

  3. Tim, were the looking down head view shots taken from GoPros attached to your tools? Seems like. Cool perspective! No drones involved?

  4. Like your use of the camera. The waters too frozen though!! Love the Hero5 for underwater freedives in California.. Microphone works very well, you hear the water sounds, the flap of the sea lion next to you 30 feet down.

  5. Are leashes on the ice tools no longer a thing? I haven't been ice climbing in almost 20 years. Of course I never even dreamed of climbs like this, these guys are freaking heroic.

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