GoPro: Brendan Fairclough Launching Over A Canyon Gap


Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪

Brendan Fairclough’s final run at Red Bull Rampage 2013.


46 thoughts on “GoPro: Brendan Fairclough Launching Over A Canyon Gap”

  1. those bikes are amazing, i went down hill in New Mexico, wow black trail. But this looked even scarier, WOOW! BADASS!

  2. Lol people think this dude is a daredevil. He is nothing compared to me SMH… I can ride my bike with no training wheels or pedal brakes!

  3. My fave rider of all time. Such a sick run, unbelievably steep and tech, so much style, canyon gap was so badass, doesn't get much better than this!!

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