Straight Hair WITHOUT Heat!! (Curly Hair Tutorial)

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? This is my favourite way to straighten my naturally curly hair WITHOUT using heat. This tutorial will save your hair from the damage and stress of using hot tools.
Let me know how it works for you and keep trying my routine to perfect it for yourself. Love you!

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38 thoughts on “Straight Hair WITHOUT Heat!! (Curly Hair Tutorial)”

  1. it worked but when air or wind hit your hair it will back again wavy or curly. its so annoying to fake your hair every day just think if you go to swimming pool or rain what should you do? i shampoo my hair once in a week and its helpful to stright a bit

  2. Honestly, instead of sitting here at midnight going through countless videos, I could just go and straighten my fucking hair

  3. It doesn't work, your hair just turns the way after you brush it
    (That comment was for people who have wavy hair)

  4. Why do ladies do that stupid little dance thing and movement with their hands after they have said something on their vid. Looks so stupid.

  5. I love your videos sooo much!!! They are really helpful! Finally found a channel that answers all my question!❤️❤️

  6. My hair has all types of curl locks. Some are big, tall, small, short, thick, thin and tight or loose . But whenever I brush my hair out, it's poofy. Either then that, Once i get out of the shower, its long but shortly, it turns curly. Any tips for longer hair and better hair care? THANK YOU ~ 🙂

  7. Omg this helped so much!!! I really needed my hair straightened for a concert at school and this helped so much!!! I didn't even need to get burnt!! Omg thank you!! I do this everyday and now everyone thinks my hair is straight!!

  8. Not enough bobby pins literally can anyone else agree that if u have a bobby pin the second you put it down… It's gone?!

  9. I tried this twice. The 2nd time came out a BIT better, but nothing like yours. Mine is wayyyy to puffy. Gonna go do smaller strands

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