10-Minute Jump Rope Workout | Cardio Workout | Class FitSugar


The jump rope is more than child’s play; we consider it to be the ultimate fitness tool. And after trying this jump rope workout, we’re convinced you will too. This 10-minute workout will burn a ton of calories while toning your gams. If you don’t have a rope but are ready to get your sweat on, fake it and jump along with us.

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25 thoughts on “10-Minute Jump Rope Workout | Cardio Workout | Class FitSugar”

  1. Good morning Anna Renderer! A friend of mine recommended this jump rope workout for me! This was great! Legs are so DONE! LOVED this quick workout so much! I will keep on improving so I don't step on the rope by accident! Thank you so much again! Have a great day!

  2. How many calories is this workout? I've mastered doing it back to back and then throw in 1 minute straight speed jump at the end when she does the cool down.

  3. I don't think I was skipping rope since my age was a single digit but after seeing this video I think this is something I could get into 🙂 I just have to rearrange my furniture a bit because right now I don't have enough space anywhere in the apartment lol 😉

  4. I thought she was going to hit rope for 10 minutes straight, no rest, and I was going to be EXTREMELY impressed…. but to be fair, she is also commentating and switching techniques

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