Breathing with Ease—Alexander Technique Teaching Video

An easeful, natural breathing practice.
Alexander Technique teaching video by Constance Clare-Newman. Watching a video can give you a jump start or be a great review for what you learn in Alexander Technique lessons. Learning from a video is not a substitution for lessons which include hands-on and kinesthetic experiences. In lessons, your teacher’s observation, analysis and guidance is tailored to your unique and individual habits and patterns. The un-doing of muscular tension and contraction is a process that you discover with the teacher’s hands-on facilitation. Receiving this personal instruction is necessary for experiencing the freedom and integration of your whole self, which is the Alexander ideal.
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4 thoughts on “Breathing with Ease—Alexander Technique Teaching Video”

  1. Thankyou Constance, very helpful. I feel better already after following this video twice.
    Greetings from the UK, Joy Greenhalgh.

  2. Hi Constance, thank you so much for this video! The explanation of how breathing works, really helps a lot correcting mine. Could you please tell me what the model you are holding is called? It helps me visualizing how to breathe correctly..

  3. I find I'm really able to open my ribcage and inhale heaps of air and both of my nostrils open up while I'm lying down but something still feels constricted. I'm not sure what it is. I also don't know how to do this breathing technique while sitting. My breathing is way more constricted while sitting.

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