The Truth About My French Diet…


You have been asking for it so much, it is time for me to reveal EVERYTHING about my French diet : My eating habits and any disorder i have been hiding from you.

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37 thoughts on “The Truth About My French Diet…”

  1. i have never been to France and i don't know if what i had read on sine booka is true. Do really people in France eat always only 3 meals a day? and they never snack between meals?

  2. Thank you for saying something about chefs who act like dietitians. I am a dietetic student and I see chefs and doctors who know nothing about the SCIENCE of nutrition or medical nutrition therapy telling people what is healthy. 90% of the time they say something that is not based on science or even common sense. Thanks for sharing your diet. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and portion control are two things that are extremely important in weight maintenance and in cancer prevention. Tea and wine have phyto-nutrients that are good for you such as catechins, resveratrol, etc. I can completely relate on the sweets and the chocolate. It is the only sweet I crave is good, dark, flavorful chocolate. Another great video full of passion and honesty!

  3. It is debatable whether fish is considered meat. Some people lump all animal flesh together and others may say meat or fish, still others may say red meat, white meat or fish. Fish from a dietitian's view is different because it contains DHA and EPA which are necessary for a healthy brain and nervous system and it does not have the saturated fat that other animal flesh does.

  4. I loved everything about this, and the best part is now I'm really inspired to make/eat better food for myself (':

  5. You know I expected you to break the cliche, but in the end you're still eating 'quassonts' and drinking tea everyday. Nothing wrong with it 🙂

  6. Is the french diet different from the mediterranean? I live in Spain, I wonder what are the differences.

  7. 'If it doesn't go into my glass of wine, it doesn't go into my tea.' That's why I don't put sugar or milk in mine either, but VODKA does !!/:)

  8. tears…your description of how much you love your apéro With that self hug made me cry. I wish to have a home to go back to where I can feel " ok"

  9. My favorites. The best tea is the English version. A dark tea (english blend) with milk and sugar. Also self made ginger – lemon or mint tea. Coffee on the other hand is best served black, nothing added. Although I drink energy drinks instead. Bread topping, turkey, filet American or chocolate spread. My favorite breakfast is probably fluffy oatmeal pancakes.
    Nuts, haselnut. Dinner, lots of soups. Preferably, mexican tomatoe (Jamie Oliver), or black bean(jamie oliver), chicken (kerry ann dunlop). Vegetables, paprika's, spring unions, red peppers, cellery sticks, raw spinach, kale, carrots etc. Fresh herbs, coriander, basil, ginger, mint, chives. I also love barbeque, lasagna, steak, ice cream, beer and rum & coke. Nice video BTW.

  10. you are such a good vibe on vibe on vibes, let me know if you ever visit Singapore! We will feed you and keep you 😀

  11. Dude I dare say you do feel like Linguini from Ratatouille with a hint of Ego…no offense…It is pretty uncanny…

  12. "No frogs!" My immediate response was "But they're so good!" I only eat them very rarely because I love frogs but they do taste pretty good.

  13. wait so you said you hate croissants and don't eat them or always have a croissant because they are so good? Sorry I tried to listen but cannot understand – so glad I found your Chanel though!!! Such fresh real food that I miss and want to get back into cooking and affordable for a student on a budget! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!

  14. my wife is a dietitian (in the US dietitian is the term for someone licensed in nutrition, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist) and one of the most another things for her is that people assume every single thing she eats is Uber healthy. She says that as long as your overall diet is good you can have the occasional donut or water.

  15. 'Communal' is the same in English. It's amazing how this is has changed – i remember family dinners, no electronics at the table. Miss that

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