May/June Food Favourites (Vegan) | JessBeautician


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Co Yo Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel & Chocolate Yoghurts:
Sainsbury’s Caramelised Red Onion Cheese:
Rebel Coconut Milk with Chai Spices:
Eat Real Veggie Straws:
Nakd Lemon Drizzle Bar:
Nakd Cacao Coco Bar:
Pukka Glow Supplements:
Pukka Turmeric Lifekind Supplements:

Top: (Similar:
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Disclaimer: None of the companies mentioned are sponsoring me to make this video and as always, opinions are 100% honest. All products featured in this video were purchased by myself with my hard earned monies or were PR samples and some of the links above may be affiliate links.


36 thoughts on “May/June Food Favourites (Vegan) | JessBeautician”

  1. One of the best vitamin D supplements are the "Oleovit D3" drops. They're oil drops and you take however much your doctor tells you is suitable for you, most of the times just once a week. I was EXTREMELY deficient in vit d and since taking this quite regularly (I forgot to take it a lot, tbh?), I'm perfectly well within the range! 🙂
    The usual amount people should take are 50 drops per week – that's a lot less than a tbsp. So, it's really not that much. But it's always better to consult a doctor 🙂

  2. Omg they look so delicious! ?
    You should try the cherry morello fruits spread from Meridian, it was aaaammmmaaazing! ??

    Loved the video as always! ❤️

  3. The coconut yogurt reminded me of The Coconut Collaborative ice cream/yogurt. I'm not vegan, but the ice cream is and it doesn't even really taste like coconut to me but tastes very much like "normal" ice cream. Haven't tried the yogurt yet.

  4. i love watching Your channel is amazing, I learn a los of things.
    Can I ask You something!? Do you know any place in England that is cheap to live near London and that is village style !?

  5. So many great things that i wish were sold here. I do get those veggie straws though and they are quite yummy.So glad you're back to making videos. Cookie and i hope to see Artie soon and that he is doing well. I'm so excited that you may get him a friend when you're all settled. How wonderful. xoCathy

  6. Just added the Rebel Chai and Coffee flavors to my Vitacost cart to try… thanks for enabling me Jess LOL. Loved this video and would love more like this!

  7. Love the vids (Subscribed) – Would love to have you talk at one of our events. Would this be something you would consider.

  8. Did you say bounty is vegan? Or did I get that wrong.
    In Switzerland thei are not vegan… Whyyyyyyyyy ??!

  9. I love your food videos so much. I confess I have tried to watch the makeup, skin care & stuff ones but they're just not my cup of tea. However, I do very much love every single video of yours that has to do with food. Makes me wish hardcore that I could afford to eat some of these snacks. I'm not vegan (yet), but part of that is poverty related. Anyways…thanks for this!!

  10. I've been watching your videos for 3/4 years now and I can't believe how much your channel has grown! Super proud of you! Loving the content atm.

  11. The lemon drizzle REALLY DOES taste like a lemon drizzle cake – it's identical!!!! Same with the bounty bar – it's crazy!!

  12. Jess…please show the food packaging… Cause you always describe the food and seeing the pack at the same time ? , I can not see the food pack clearly…love you as always!?

  13. I would absolutely love to see a new month's worth of what I Eat in Days! Like your previous VeganJune and VeganSeptember series. I gather so much inspiration from your videos and would love some new ones seeing as I've watched literally all of them haha. I'm sure it's a lot of work but know they are appreciated! You are wonderful and I love your content!

  14. When I was in the U.K. a couple of months ago I had the FreeFrom shredded cheddar which was absolutely divine. I wish we had that brand in the states. As for the Follow Your Heart brand, everything I've had from them is delish.

  15. I love the haul, it helps me out what to eat for snack, have you ever make vegan butter before, not for sure if you have, just wondering, because I'm trying to make my own vegan butter? thank you for sharing!

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