Diet & Exercise Lifehacks You Need To Know!


Diet & Exercise Lifehacks You Need To Know!
My fitness routine:

These are some tips for eating healthy and working out that I use to make it a little easier! Most of these are easy little things you can use in your daily life, that will make a difference over time. Let me know what your favorite lifehacks (in this video or ones that you just know!) are in the comments!

Dark Chocolate avacado cookie recipe:
Chocolate chip cookie avacado recipe (my fave!):

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32 thoughts on “Diet & Exercise Lifehacks You Need To Know!”

  1. Oh never mind I love to eat,if the guy don't like me because I'm chubby I don't care I don't like them also,accept me for who I am mumff..

  2. A Shelby in the deprivation you put my fav in chocolate chip and then in the video you said my fav is the dark chocolate so?

  3. I'm not really in to eating either salty and sweet and I don't eat a lot and I'm like a thin guy with a big tummy. I work out at night because that is the only time I have and after that I go for a quick shower watch netflix for 30minutes and then sleep. Is it bad? I think my work out is not effective.. HEEELLLP!!

  4. "it takes your mind off the fact that youre working out…and makes it seem like you're being chased by zombies, which is so much better"

  5. Hi I really liked your fitness videos plssss please please make more of fitness videos it really helps me so please keep making them

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