Morning Routine!! Healthy Food, Skincare, Curling my Hair, Planning My Day

healthy food

Welcome to my morning routine! In this video I’m showing you the healthy, vegan breakfast I have almost every day and what I pack for lunch on work days. I’m also sharing my skincare routine, how I curl my hair, and how I plan my day. I hope you enjoy this summer morning routine! Give me a thumbs up if you like it πŸ™‚

xo Nicole

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19 thoughts on “Morning Routine!! Healthy Food, Skincare, Curling my Hair, Planning My Day”

  1. I love your room setting Nicole, i really like the golden mirrors and white surroundings. How do you feel about LA versus NY, having lived in both? Would be a great video idea maybe or just comment ha πŸ˜‰ the kimono is dope, love it! Also i am obsessed with your hair, i would ve never thought that a brunette would pull off almost platinum hair but it really suits you, i cant say which one looks better, really pretty both ways ? would love to see a fitness routine from you Nicole, have a beautiful day ???

  2. You look so gorgeous with blonder hair! it really suits you and makes you glow:) I just found your youtube after watching how you went from brunette to blonde at home and i love it! So nice to see you're a fellow vegan as well:)

    excited to connect on IG too! xx

  3. Hi Nicole, just wondering what's your job? I'm really curious. Sorry if this question is intrusive. Love you! <3 xx

  4. wanna be youtube friends and support each other? i just subscribed and it would mean a lot if u subbed back????

  5. L'oreal sell in China where the products require animal testing by Chinese policy, so.. They're not so cruelty free.. πŸ™

  6. I seriously love you, you are so genuine and lovely and beautiful! COuld you please make more "What I eat in a day"-videos, like once a week? I'm recovering from anorexia and they're so so helpful!! xx

  7. OBSESSED with your videos! So genuine! Would love to see a video on your top chili recipes and beauty products that make you feel beautiful πŸ™‚

  8. Oh man, definitely checking out that Cookie Taste Test video!! Although it will probably make me a little depressed cause we have nothing like that here in China;)

  9. I really enjoy your videos, especially what you do during the day, or something easy or different to have for lunch or dinner..your breakfast looks great btw!

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