Ep. 125: Preparing Multiplayer – Game Programming

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In this video:
– How to make a game
– How to integrate multiplayer into a game


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33 thoughts on “Ep. 125: Preparing Multiplayer – Game Programming”

  1. Cherno, if you can or more importantly have time, could you please make a tutorial on gamepad input in java–without using a library? I think this would help alot of people, me inclusive. Thanks beforehand.

  2. TheChernoProject, I just became a patreon and I can't seem to get my reward of the $5 a month payment. Please re-send me the file for this episode over at github. Thanks, xX_GamingPro_Xx

  3. +TheChernoProject Please check out my comment and reply as soon as possible. Thanks, xX_GamingPro_Xx!

  4. Can you please include a feature in the server where you can ban people, mute them (not allow them to use chat) etc?

  5. Hey this videos are very helpful would i be allowed to use your code in my game and publish the game? or dont you want me to use that code?!

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