How to Cornrow With Extensions For Beginners!

Hey there GlamFam! Thanks so much for joining me again for another video! In this video, I show you how to cornrow with extensions, weave, commercial hair, braiding hair, or however affectionately you choose to call it! As always, thanks so much for watching!

Here’s the mannequin I’m using:

Looking for a longer length mannequin? Here’s a link:

I hope you find these videos helpful! If you like the videos, or have any special requests, be sure to let me know in the comment section down below!

As always, I love y’all to pieces! Know that you are amazing and I so appreciate you! Stay glam GlamFam!

Interested in the background music? Here’s the scoop on that:

“Unwritten Return” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Special Spotlight” Kevin MacLeod (
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22 thoughts on “How to Cornrow With Extensions For Beginners!”

  1. Glamfam, I have been doing the whole cornrow thing but I seem to have a problem with the left side since am right handed. Help!!!!

  2. this is the best video I Hv ever seen,had to subscribe which is actually the first time I will ever subscribe to any Video on YouTube,u are organized,neat,well spoken above all u really know how to teach.tnks alot n may God bless you and your important thing I like is when u teach like dis and some persons leave a bad comments or Wat they think due to their level of thinking don't reply in a harsh way Jst keep doing what you know how to do okay.

  3. This is so weird but these videos are so therapeutic. I love watching them just before bed! It's so soothing to admire the incredible skills that I will never attain ?

  4. Ain't no 'hopefully you guys found this tutorial informative'. You know you bring it to us every time!

  5. I've rewinded this video so many times and I Still can't do it. I'm confused at the part where u wrap the braiding hair around your fingers after you hold or pinch the "knot" to start the cornrow??

  6. Hey Lin, I dun ran into one of you videos lol, i knew it was your voice before i even looked at video, lol i am at work multi tasking.

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