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The topic of global street food opens up a door into a world of food we haven’t yet experienced.

This particular recipe is completely new to us, we tried it at a food festival and just HAD to recreate it for you guys.

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32 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Street Food Recipe | Big Night In”

  1. dark roast curry power Ingredients (the 13 Spices)
     4 Tbsp coriander seeds
     3 Tbsp cumin seeds
     1 1/2 Tbsp fennel seeds
     1 1/2 Tbsp black peppercorns
     1 Tbsp raw rice
     1/2 tsp black mustard seeds
     1/2 tsp turmeric powder
     1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds
     2 inch piece pandan leaves (rampe), broken
     2-3 sprigs curry leaves (or 3 Tbsp dried curry leaves, not necessary to roast)
     1 inch cinnamon stick, broken in pieces
     4 cloves
     5 green cardamom pods, shelled

  2. you guys are the coolest, i need a group mates who enjoy eating and cooking as much as i do!

  3. I completely lost it at Mike's facial expressions during this video especially the one where he is holding the carrot

  4. Nice to see some Kotthu. I reckon the spice mix has curry leaves, really common in Sri Lankan, South Indian and Maldivian cuisine. Shoutout from Maldives btw. This has become my new fav cooking show.

  5. my least favourite ingredient is egg. if its in cakes or anything like that its fine but give me boiled fried or anything like that… leave the room lol

  6. things they need to make in future videos:
    masala puri
    tunday kebab
    biryani (they already did that one but it deserves a mention lol)

  7. Barry himself has described Dexter as a devil cat!

    Don't worry, man, I've got a problem cat too. I still love him though.

  8. Nice one.. But the roti looked and sound too crispy.. In sri lanka , we scramble a egg or two on the heated plate before adding other ingredients giving a nice texture.. AND about the beat of Koththu making.. The taste is different when the beat is different because the mixing of all ingredients comes with it.. So if you a Koththu maniac (like me) you could have a basic idea about the taste by the beat… As a garnish we put some cheese on the top(but some people don't like it)

  9. Hello over there!
    of course I'm too late but those leaves could be bay leaves or also Curry leaves 😉
    both have such a unique and wonderful flavour and are Kind of the heart of each Indian or north srilankan dish 😉

  10. Those leaves are called Curry leaves if i'm not mistaken. You guys should really travel to Sri Lanka on a food journey and taste more authentic Sri Lankan food like milk rice , string hoppers, hoppers, Pittu etc !

  11. I swear all the comments are "You need to make this from my country! In Bangladesh we drink water please make Bengali water!!!"

  12. A few way-side restaurants here in Colombo, Sri Lanka have started adding cheese in to their kottu. You should try it out. 3-4 wedges of Happy Cow, a little bit of milk, then let it melt in. Folken A man.

  13. Special shout out to the dude in glasses because he is not only educated about the process of making kottu, but he also knows the history! Lankan certified ?????!

  14. What I like least… onions, anchovies, fish taste of any kind, olives, avocado. Can't think of anything else.

  15. Your video is amazing ……. and since you asked what's in the curry powder…….Sri Lankans use 2 types of curry powders also known as "THUNA PAHA KUDU". One is raw curry powder and the other is roasted curry powder. The raw one only has Coriander seeds, fennel and cumin seeds wich are sun dried before making the powder, and the roasted one has coriander, cumin, fennel, cardamon, fenugreek, cinnamon, curry leaves, chilies, pepper, mustard and pandan leaves. Both taste very different. And also another small use full tip for you guyz….. Sri Lankans don't use coriander leaves in our dishes.

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