HIIT the Ground Running – 33 Min High Intensity Interval Training for Endurance & Total Body Toning


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20 thoughts on “HIIT the Ground Running – 33 Min High Intensity Interval Training for Endurance & Total Body Toning”

  1. I am a 13 year old girl and I have been doing this workout for weeks and it is brutal, but now I can say it is pretty easy for me!

  2. workout complete πŸ™‚

    Coming back to hiit after a week or two of not doing any for exams was tough, especially choosing this workout. But I did it, whoo!

  3. Whole HIIT –> With GAS MASK

    Hardest thing i ever done in my life, there was only 1 rule – never to take off the mask-.
    No water breaks ( you cant drink water with your mask on)

    After doing this insane HIIT with a mask i must say that i now appreciate air much more!

  4. I've done this workout like a hundred times, and it still fucks me UP!!!!!! By then end of the workout, my fucking house is flooding πŸ˜€

  5. Never give up. First time I did HIIT I vomited and barely made through with proper form, 6 months later this video is a breeze. (Not really xD but it's significantly easier than before)

  6. oh God…..Oooohhh God! have mercy! I died and died…I was so dead, I died twice…this absolutely destroyed me…..can't feel my body !

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