World War 2 Footage: The most intense and shocking clips. (GRAPHIC)

This is a collection of the most intense clips during World War 2. These images are featured all around the world from the Eastern Front, to the Pacific War, and to the landings of Normandy. All these images are genuine, and they contain very graphic content, even some disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

I put this together to attempt to show the horrors of war, in hopes that something like this may never happen again. And please, don’t start any debates in the comment section over this about who did more or what. This is not to show off on which country did more, or worse. This is not a video on which side to take. This is just strictly to show what war is really like, and how serious this one was.


39 thoughts on “World War 2 Footage: The most intense and shocking clips. (GRAPHIC)”

  1. hmm, so called heroes… for absolutely nothing. The nations aren't going to last anyway. All who died for their stupid beliefs, died for nothing.

  2. Apocalipse because few rich old farts wanted more power and more money. War financing is a crime worthy of a fiiring squad.

  3. People ask why we call these men/women the greatest generation. It's because our men, most at 18-20 years old, went into other countries and dark places in their souls to ensure that our allies were protected and ultimately that this great country stay free; the women of this generation, whether nurses or regular civilians of the home front, worked tirelessly to keep our soldiers healthy and our lands strong. They played an equally important part in our victories in alternate ways and didn't bitch about not taking part in combat. They gave our men strength from home and a reason to survive hell. We as Americans realized what evil existed and took care of it like warriors should, that is why this was the greatest generation.

  4. Lesson to be learned: Always bomb the military parade. You can take them all out before the shit hits the fan.

  5. We should be ashamed as a specie for this. War is one of the stupidest things invented by men. "Don`t waste your life following some fool`s orders"

  6. Hitler is the cruelest person I've ever seen, he has bombed his own cities and killed his own soldiers, children and many others.
    The war machines are fascinating but only made to kill other people. I hope such a thing will never happen again.

  7. Sorry about my bad English, but why the Normandie invasion was not made at night? The poor american soldiers were easy targets! Sun light is suicide!

  8. things like these are still happening 🙁 in most of middle east countries and after some 50 years new generation will gonna watch those photos and videos like we are watching now of the world war 2 <3

  9. "…in the hopes that this would never happen again."

    He did it guys. He ended all wars with this video.

  10. Deceptive clickbait title. Very little or anything graphic. Nothing you wouldn't see watching a WWII show

  11. When you see these huge parades and ceremonies, just think that nearly all of the participants probably died

  12. none of this is what the title says… if you want the gruesome reality/exaggerated reality, then watch Saving Private Ryan or Downfall.

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