Dear Kitten


Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat
food. What will your cat do? Tell us:
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28 thoughts on “Dear Kitten”

  1. Hello BuzzFeedVideo,
    Athough I absolutely love this video, I'm annoyed with the product placement. I suppose that's how you fund the making of your videos. Hmmm… Commercials are everywhere. Ug!

  2. If my dog was the cat that talks

    Dear puppy I won't kill you for now but you will be just like me lazy and you need to sleep on beds then when your u see wet food you beg for it and if they don't give you you say "son of a f##k!!!!" I know you love them but they love you too idk why? Deer puppy you may look cute but I feel like killing you I won't never but I will still think your gross

  3. Nobody probably wants to know this but….. Im getting maine coon kitten! (If i spelled that right) Im really excited because there really cuddly and cute :3

  4. Dear Kitten, sometimes you will see the human running and the ground is moving under them. Whatever you do, you must catch their heels.

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