Instant Six Pack


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Hi all! If you’re reading this, make sure to click the thumbs up button b/c it makes me very happy! Also, thanks for watching the video, sleeping in, being healthy, flying to work, using naturebox, getting ripped, getting put back together, being yourself & everything in between! If you read this far, leave a comment below saying, “I LAUGHED SO HARD THIS VIDEO GAVE ME A SIX PACK, RIGHT?? RIGHT” Have a great week, loves! 🙂


43 thoughts on “Instant Six Pack”

  1. how to get a 6 pack fast … 1. get some frirnds over play running games e.g tag ,cops and robbers, boys catch girls ,racing thats how i got mine took 6 days iy was worth it oh yeah only eat 2 meals a day lol (the meals should be huge)

  2. I don't fucking get it, I work out like almost everyday, doing as best as I could to burn fat. But there's barely any difference at all, didn't even lose fat or shit. Then I ate a meal and some light snack. There's that fucking fat again, bigger than before. What the fuck, I have to eat too or else I'd die! Life is fucking unfair.

  3. I've been awake since around 2:30 this morning. I should sleep on the couch every day. Then I wouldn't sleep in so much. Nah. All the dogs sleep in my room

  4. How can one be so adorable. Ily Connor
    I'm not saying this in a sexual way calling you cute, I'm saying it as a compliment your personality and appearance are both so adorable. Ily Connor I just I can't.

  5. I'm a dancer, I go to dance 5 days a week so I'd say in pretty healthy, mostly because my mom is a total health freak

  6. I work out everyday, yet I see no results.. It's tiring to see my stomach is still so fucking fat and it gets on my nerves every single day, so I just eat a lot to take the pain away, I hate my body and I hate how how much time I take to work out, I'll never be one of those skinny girls on Tumblr/ Pinterest. :/

  7. haha connor your so funny. but my inner fat kid is yelling at you because your telling it to eat healthy and exercise lol love ya

  8. Remember to drink water today. Eat food today. Go outside, go for a walk. Smile. Talk to people if you need to. HUG SOMEONE. Hugs are amazing. You are amazing. I'm proud of you. You made it through another day. You did it. I love you.

  9. To have abs you have to gain weight a little bit its sounds stupid but its true you cant have abs when ur skinny af you have to gain weight a little bit

  10. LA is like Houston.. just walk outside and literally bunch of fast food restaurants outside.. its crazy luckily I force myself to go to the gym everyday so I don't feel guilty if I do indulge in he fast food meal every once in a while

  11. Can't relate to this cause I don't know anything about health. I sleep all day and stay up all night. I skip meals sometimes and eat a lot of junk food. And physical activity and I are soooo not related.

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