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33 thoughts on “Diet Hacks, Macro Tips & Grocery Essentials ?”

  1. Love your videos! I'm so happy I found your channel 🙂 how to I add a user by username on MyFitnessPal? I only see ads by Facebook, email, or phone number. Help please!!!

  2. Hi Manders! I really enjoyed your vlog, as usual!? Thanks so much for going over your staples grocery haul… I wrote a lot of things down to try! Your ideas are great for me & my husband. I'm going to get the Smuckers sugar free preserves bc that's good for keeping my sugar levels down.. I never tried the apricot or the blackberry! Yum! I get the strawberry. Also, the mug cake came out beautifully… I definitely want to try that! -I'm wondering if working out with a partner like you did today helps to motivate you both…I would think it would? I love to watch your workouts! I Hope you and Jeff are having a great weekend! ??Joanie

  3. Ive never tried putting coconut water in my smoothies, do you have a favorite brand of coconut water??

  4. Omg that mug cake reminded me to ask if you've ever tried the kodiak microwaveable pancakes?? They were a LIFESAVER during the school year when I had super early classes

  5. Lolllllll the thing you said about chemicals, the way you said it cracked me up!! I try to avoid artificial ingredients and sweeteners but you're so right, it is just a small amount. By the way, my bad habit is I alwaysssss leave the FRIDGE open!!! Way worse than cabinets lol. Love you Manders!! <3

  6. The vanilla sweet cream cold brew with SF vanilla is also delicious! I have yet to find the smores english muffins at my target or publix. Sadface.

  7. Corn English muffins?I saw that going down the conveyor belt, lol. I'll need to try that out! Thanks for all the tips. I feel nutrition is way harder to figure out than exercising.

  8. The blog was long but it was full of useful information. Thanks I subbed and added you on MFP. I need your protein secrets. What day was your perfect macro day? Thanks!

  9. The Siggi's you showed is actually Icelandic Skyr and not greek yogurt. It's very similar but slightly thicker and the macro's as you mentioned are really good with high protein! Love your videos!

  10. Lol I always leave the cabinet doors open while I'm cooking, then I forget and walk right into it ??‍♀️

  11. Manders, what are you studying in school? How did you become so knowledgeable about nutrition? Keep up the videos, I look forward to watching them. ?

  12. I found an Instagram page for macro friendly Starbucks drinks: @fit_with_coffee and you were the first person I thought of.

  13. I am so happy I'm not the only one who suffers from leaving the cabinets open… it's also my bf's pet peeve.

  14. Do you trust any of the online macro calculators over others? I want to track my macros but am overwhelmed by the differences some of the online calculators give when I fill in the exact same information! I'd hate to be tracking against incorrect numbers

  15. Just stumbled across your channel and I love it! Semi-unrelated… where is your gray t-shirt from? Super cute! ?

  16. I love your videos!!! And I love chicken and broccoli!!!! I'd eat it every day! Question: what is the brand and name of your finger nail polish? I ❤️ it!

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