People Try Salmon Cooked In A Dishwasher


Well we tried it! Then fed it to some unsuspecting victims… I mean… friends.

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Here’s How We Do It
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Raw Salmon Fillet
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33 thoughts on “People Try Salmon Cooked In A Dishwasher”

  1. But who washes their dishes before eating? You usually have dirty dishes after eating. (Unless you leave the dishes from the previous day and wash them then. You can even use the dishes to eat from maybe)

  2. Salmon is poisonous. I'll show you….
    Fish equals salmon. Salmon when one letter removed and turned into filipino word is lason. Lason means poison in filipino (Tagalog). Back to start, making sentence now, salmon is lason.
    You may think I'm joking, but seriously go on google and search for is salmon poisonous.
    Well, actually, idk, but you can tell me. I heard thisfrom a friend of mine and I didn't listen carefully. But to this day, I never ate salmon.

  3. 2.5 hours or how much longer… What? My white dishwasher does its job in 1 hour. New question is "Can a salmon be cooked (in an hour) pouring some 50C degree water on it?" Thanks buzzfeed.

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