One Direction – Perfect (Official Video)

One Direction’s official music video for Perfect.

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49 thoughts on “One Direction – Perfect (Official Video)”

  1. Because this song fits in so well with Taylor's song Style, I rewrote the lyrics in a Taylor Swift style. Pun intended.
    Keep the rhythm in mind while reading, it sometimes has to be adjusted a little:)

    Verse: Do you wanna fill my blank space, be my Romeo
    Talk business with my father, be close to my mother
    Do you wanna grow flowers on a balcony to watch them die
    Create the worst drought, a flashback, I close my eyes…

    Pre-Chorus: When I first saw you in the summer air
    I knew you were trouble when you walked in
    Lead me into the woods, midnight, a long drive
    Down a dead end street, to paradise

    Chorus: But if you wanna take me somewhere we can be alone
    If you wanna be the flood that will make me drown
    If you wanna be my king, let me be your queen
    Baby, it's so nice to meet you, where have you been?
    If you like driving slow till we run out of road
    If you wanna get lost upstate, I know places to go
    If you wanna get out of here, away from the crowds
    Meet me at the staircase and let's start right now

    Verse: Say it with the hands my perfectly good heart's in
    And then put your arms around me for the first time
    I searched the world for something else, made them all good for one weekend
    But nothing's ever made me feel like what we had

    Pre-Chorus: I saw a light in you, and I wanted to
    Make you feel all this magic in the air
    Be your wildest dream, from the outside in
    With your white t shirt, it's in the way you kiss

    Chorus: But if you like kissing and screaming in the pouring rain
    If everything has changed for you at night at 2 am
    If you like to be the band aid to my bullet hole
    If you wanna belong with me, then here's the deal
    If you break my heart or hurt me I will write a song
    With your name in it so that you're ashamed to go out
    You should've known that I was too young to be played around
    I'm gonna shake it off over your sad empty town

    Bridge: If it hurts you seeing me on the cold hard ground
    You should've said no, should've stayed, I told you I'm not bulletproof
    Out of the woods to New York, we wouldn't have this sad picture, but now I'm untouchable, it's better than revenge

    Chorus: But if you still wanna be that boy in the Chevy truck
    Let me be the one you think of when they play our song
    The little white lies, the little black dress, was it worth all this?
    The bad blood, the burning woods, the bright flaming red?
    If you wanna sing me to sleep from the radio
    If you wanna hang out with me for the rest of your life
    If you want me to pick a white dress and have the best day
    Have ten kids that never grow up, teach them how to dream

    Outro: it's too late to start now, too late for your white horse
    I'm out of the woods, try and catch me now
    I have found my new self, and all you are is mean
    It's too late to begin again, I am clean…

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