The $500 Laptop Challenge


Our $500 Gaming laptop challenge!
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25 thoughts on “The $500 Laptop Challenge”

  1. Yo I live in Berkeley Heights NJ I recognized the watchung reservation. I would love to stop by and say Hi

  2. well I found a Best Laptop for only $520,well I mean it's not "The Best" but hey it's good enough dispite the price,its a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 7200U,6GB RAM,2GB of NVIDIA 940MX,1TB HDD,14 inch 768×1366 HD-LED Display and it has a 720p Webcam.So…like I said not "The Best" but good enough

  3. "Crappy piece of shit dell laptop?" dafuq ? Dell laptops are actually pretty good… And having an M Graphics card on a 1500$ laptop is not a good deal… Oh It's haswell, it's not worth it… Well for the same price you can get a way better Haswell cpu that you could get with Skylake.. Just sayin…

  4. you guys should have gone for an acer aspire e 15 that has an intel core i5 2.5 Ghz and 8 Gb ram with a geforce gtx 940mx

  5. I got a Asus laptop from Best Buy that has Intel i7, 1tb, 16gb ram, and 17.5 in screen for only $549.99. It is not a gaming laptop, but it can run most games in 60 fps and in 1080p. And this is the cheap best I use for recording my youtube videos.

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