Steve Cook & Rob Riches Arm Workout | Triceps


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22 thoughts on “Steve Cook & Rob Riches Arm Workout | Triceps”

  1. Rob looks really stressed out lol. Steve looks relaxed and happy. Different personalities and Training styles for sure!

  2. hey steve from where can i get that headband you are wearing and what do you call it? btw huge fan all the way from SRI LANKA!!!

  3. Dope amma give it ago, please if you could, a collab with the hodgetwins that would sensational. Big up Steve

  4. OMG !!! that was awesome my best mans have a workout together thank you guys for that video was amazing i had learn a lot from you steve cook and rob riches the best ever

  5. I kinda new too the gym and wondering if it's better to train one muscle group a day like biceps or train multiple in one day like back and biceps at once?

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