Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced

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We’ve all been there, am I right? These are annoyances, issues, hangups, roadblocks & problems that every gamer has come across at one time or another, getting in the way of their enjoyment of their favorite hobby. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced.

00:29 #10. Toxic Communities
01:11 #9. Parents
02:02 #8. Budget
02:39 #7. Your favorite franchise ruined
03:19 #6. Stereotyping (nerd stereotypes)
04:14 #5. Dying when you didn’t save your game progress
05:00 #4. Save file corrupted
05:33 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced”

  1. When I saw this video on my sugested videos I guessed that stereotype would be on this and than #6 came and I was just like know it

  2. the budget isn't a problem the real problem is being 16 years old boy with 60 years old parents 🙁 they never give me money for games so i have to save school expenses ?

  3. When your parents say "Come here" in the middle of a boss fight.Especially when you're struggling with the boss?

  4. On level 74 in Skyrim couple seconds later my game crashed and reseted my whole game. Which means I have to restart which is f###ed up. Since my Xbox is perfectly fine.

  5. When your significant other doesn't get it when you tell them you can't log off your game because your party needs _______ class in the raid/boss run and you're the only one there out of +15 people already in and depending on you. xD

  6. well, there was that one wrestler that in his free years, try's to replay the entire legend of zelda series.

  7. 02:25 thousands of dollars for an full upgrade jutst to achive 60 fps?! you can turn the settings down to get that 60 fps. the casual pc gamer dosent go out and spend thousand of dollar for an upgrade, enthusiasts does. But hey, I am not the one who needs to buy a new console every couple of years just so I can continue to play games, all I have to do is to lower the graphics settings and be ready to game for another couple of years. Not to mention xbox live and psn plus, the whole "budget" point was just bullshit

  8. That guy who knows the base is getting attacked and everybody except him and me is dead and He's all the way over the enemy turret and I'm a tanker and can't do shit except assist…. Yeah, Fuck those guys… They're even higher ranking than me… That's why i'm playing Assassin class now… Still play tank tho…

    This is MLBB by the way, I never play MOBA on PC because i can't play with a mouse like that…

  9. Having to tinkle while in queue as a dps in an MMO. Being in queue for an hour, deciding to run and go and coming back to missing the pop up and having to requeue.

  10. original top 5
    5. hackers
    4. disconnection
    3. cancer teammates
    2. lowbattery at the wrong moment

  11. you forgot the fee to play online. I had the time and money problem but i learn to buy my games when are on sale and play at my own phase when coming back from work and some in the weekends.

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