Exploring new and old climbing routes in India


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Red Bull athlete and climber Kilian Fischhuber came down to India in January 2014 to explore the new and old routes in Badami & Hampi, along with Indian climber Tuhin Satarkar.

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31 thoughts on “Exploring new and old climbing routes in India”

  1. typical indian travel montage.. climb was childishly off the charts,//
    come to rajasthan, aravali range has awesome creeks & biking routes..

  2. These guys are extremely lucky to be alive.
    Watch the belayers at 3.08 and 3.20.
    They have clearly no clue about how to use a grigri.

    Please watch the Petzl tutorials!

    Would expect more professionalism from a Red Bull video…

  3. I love the handreader with the empty bullcrap remarks they always make, same as astrology. "It will be a great experience and you will become face to face with yourself". That's some personal shit right there! But overal, nice video 🙂

  4. Though Badami is good, but next time try Konkankada near Mumbai. It is a snake's hood shaped hill of around 1800ft (which you need to climb from concave). It seeming the hardest and toughest hill to climb, abseil in India. It is also very beautiful place. Google-> Konkankada.

  5. Insane video! Thank you to notivate me more to go there to visit and to climb. May I ask you what is the last song of your video? thank you

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