8 Dumbest Deadlift Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! | STOP DOING THESE!

dead lift



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47 thoughts on “8 Dumbest Deadlift Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! | STOP DOING THESE!”

  1. Disagree on the slow setup comment. There are a variety of ways to set up and it depends on whether you can create the necessary tension from the top (in a dive-bomb start) versus at the bottom. Eddie Hall, who you probably know holds the WR in straps, has a long setup and gains tension at the bottom. If you look at a lot of elite deadlifters, they get tension at the bottom. It's not wrong to do it that way, and it depends mostly on proper muscle sequencing. No way should a beginner be getting tension at the top and divebombing the start: most people will have shit form and over-stress the back in the movement. Leg and hip drive takes a while to learn.

    Personally, I'm a taller lifter and the dive-bomb type start puts much more stress on my back, I just can't get as much tension as I can when getting tight at the bottom. I mostly lift without straps, so my sequence is like this: 1) set my feet, 2) bend at the waist and grip the bar, 3) squeeze the bar, take a huge belly breath, and pull up/back on the bar to set my core 4) "float" my hips backward until my shoulders are over the bar, weight is mostly behind it, and my shins contact, 5) press my feet into the floor like a leg press, 6) pull the bar into my body for the finish. See: Alan Thrall's deadlift videos if you need an idea of what I'm talking about.

  2. i love your video's but it's it possible to try and knock off 5-10 minutes on em?? Ain't nobody got time for this long of video ??

  3. The accent is weird, the r's sound like h's… hetahded?? Haha just kidding, at least you've giving advice I'm sitting on YouTube hating.

  4. Alright, so this is no way hate but i always had a hard time getting used to your accent. But these are some serious quality videos. Subscribed.

  5. who gives a shit about his accent. the people complaining about it are probably the same pussies who skip leg day. thanks for the vids.

  6. Hey Scott, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a deadlift a back and a leg exercise? The movement through hips and your spinal erectors to straighten the posterior chain technically "strengthens your back" I not sure if I heard you incorrectly. You said it does not work the back.

  7. Love your channel but a small observation on this video.. 6:27…. muscle does not work as an elastic band as far as energy storage and/or delivery. Muscle contraction happens when myosin moves alongside actine contracting the muscle. In order to do it the muscle uses glycogen to produce ATP…. it's just not a spring. Extending the joint stretches the ligaments and tendons which help to prevent its rupture.. ask a ballerina or karateka not to stretch their legs before performing… that's right injury!

  8. Getting a pain in lower back when I bring the bar back to floor on the last part, even though my backs straight and knees are bent. Any ideas please?

  9. hi scott! nice vid as always!

    one question though, why is it good to perform deadlifts on an elevated platform (as mentioned at 11:25) but not ok when we wear shoes with a midsole? i mean yes, i understand that air/ gel cushions would destablise the foundation support but other than that, wouldnt the midsole of our shoes be same as having an elecated platform? thanks

  10. Perfect! I was doing deadlifts today and boy oh boy was I doing some mistakes you've mentioned. Thanks to your video I have more confidence and knowledge to kill it next time 🙂 !!

  11. This guy correct my poor form in Deadlift… Almost ripped my back before… Was laid back in bed for a week after a poor rep. Seriously, his instructions are perfect.

  12. hello Scott, how are your? i'm from Bahrain and I just wanna say that I've enjoyed watching your video, lots of great information with an amazing introduction of them.

  13. Scott, I've been following you for many years and I never fail to learn something useful from you. Thanks for the videos and the effort you put into them.

  14. Actually, Jeff Cavaliere explains the deadlift by splitting it into two movements. He says to make it a leg movment until the bar passes your knees and after that think of it as a hip movement. I came to find picturing the exercise like that very intuitive and don't feel like that's a wrong form. It's actually the first deadlift execution that felt right to me.

  15. I wear Vibram Five Fingers to the gym. I call them my feet because it feels like being barefooted

  16. wish I chould drop the weights a little faster on ground but they will complain with sum noise so I am forced to bring 450 down kind of slow and touch in go is no good rather reset my self back tight and ready for the pull

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