People Blend Their Favorite Foods Together


Paging Jamba Juice submissions department.

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Baron Von Waltz
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39 thoughts on “People Blend Their Favorite Foods Together”

  1. Is it weird that the moment I saw Keith's drink I was like OMG THAT IS THE PERFECT FOUNDATION COLOUR

  2. My favorite meal is chicken Caesar salad with Cheese pizza and Sprite, I wonder what that would taste like xD

  3. Here's an idea, BuzzFeed! Have your co-workers try OUR favorite foods blended up! Here's mine: Flamin Hot Cheetos, Chocolate, Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Peanuts, and Hot Wings! (No sauce, just breaded) To me, it'll probably taste like spicy chocolate!! 🙂

  4. Wings with pineapple bbq
    Strawberry banana smoothie
    Sweet potato fries

    Umm that would not work ?

  5. Well mine would be
    Nectarines, blackberries, ice water, and dark chocolate.
    And I wonder why someone called me a goody-two-shoes.

  6. spaghetti, keralite dishes, paneer, cheese, fruits – banana, apple, strawberry, orange. it'll be horrible to make a smoothie of all.

  7. I would put baked potato smashed potatoes chips and frenchfries and put buttermilk and boom mashed potatoes

  8. "this is as white as me"

    "it smells like…" Takes a Whiff " chuuuuyaahhhuck!

    -Keith 2K16

    "im scared, im scared!" whispers to self "you've put in worse things in your mouth before."

  9. My favorite food:mangos,lemon redbull pizza hot cheetos olive oil cheescake thai food chiken pot pie coffee kfc chiken nuggets subway chocolate and reeses peanut butter cups??

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