15 Mysterious Places Google Maps Is Hiding From You


Why is there a house completely blurred out? What’s hidden in this lake you were never meant to see? Here are 15 places Google never meant for you to find

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Video narrated by Zaraganba
Script written by Danger Dolan, check out his twitter here
Video edited by Cid

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47 thoughts on “15 Mysterious Places Google Maps Is Hiding From You”

  1. check out area 51 before this comment is deleted. there is a piece of the base which looks like its replaced. Bad copy paste from my point of view. Its in nevada called groom lake aeroport and its ICAO is KXTA

  2. I quickly checked the places:
    1. Volkel Vliegbasis: Nothing blacked out, perfectly visible
    2. Correction Facility: Perfectly visible
    3. Chekhov: Perfectly visible
    4. Baker Lake: Nothing strange there
    5. Itu Aba is still visible, correct
    6. –
    7. –
    8. The border between Washington and Oregon north of the "Mist" is perfectly visible
    9. The military station near Girona is perfectly visible
    10. Perfectly visible

    I'm tired, did Google really change random map material in just 2 months or did you just use a very bad mobile hotspot connection… come on…

  3. if North Korea nuked me when I was looking at North Korea from google maps then they'd have the entire US Army to answer to.

  4. your Google maps need updating ??? because on my older vervion i can see all these places that you have shown VERY CLEARLY ?????????????????????

  5. 638 Warburton Ave. Yonkers, NY—-Look it up. It's just a big blur and I grew up across the street. What dreadful thing happened there? Does anyone know?

  6. I found every single one of these as I went along in Google Earth, with fresh updated photos.. June 13th 2017.

  7. Number 9, I told the police for 2 years I thought those girls were still alive. I even told coworkers in 2 different states about it. Although I didn't have any proof the police didn't believe me. ?

  8. What makes sense to me about blurring out forests would be to not help poachers easily identify endangered species' nesting grounds. If I worked at Google, I would definitely go that extra mile to happily protect them.

  9. washington – oregon boarder is not blacked out any longer (061717). Move along. There's nothing there to see!

  10. chekov is blurred out because that's where russia is holding gay concentration camps like what why does nobody talk about this

  11. Tantauco national Park is blurred to protect the animals. High grade poachers would use the map to figure out paths and places they can get in and hunt animals secluded from the public. Roughly the same way the military uses maps for missions and war the poachers use them to hunt.

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