Android Wear 2.0 review on LG’s new watches


Android Wear 2.0 is Google’s biggest update to the platform since its launch. And the new LG Watch Style and Watch Sport are here to show it off. Is this enough to get us to care about Android Wear?


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27 thoughts on “Android Wear 2.0 review on LG’s new watches”

  1. I really want an LG Sport, but it appears that Google is showing once again that they're not a manufacturing company even with LG handling that side. The Sport has been sold out on the Google Store since day 1 and it's 16 days later… wtf.

  2. I have a moto 360, its great for notifications as you can just leave your phone is your pocket. It looks nice but other then those two points there's nothing else that is amazing. They just don't have that wow factor… Yet. It does look very nice when it is charging on the dock though, especially the glow is gives off at night. If these watches were cheaper yeah I'd recommenced any tech enthusiast to pick one up but the prices are just too high to justify buying one. If you can pick up a moto 360 first gen for like 50 bucks then its worth for the avg techy.

  3. Hello, I usually wear watch on right hand. Can you rotate the display when you wear the watch on right hand being the crown on the left side (so the display won't upside down)?

  4. Total rip of apples crown? Dude its just a crown that can rotate. There are points in here where you are trying to give apple more credit than its due. Cant stand this bs it happens all the time.

  5. Anyone know if the AT&T variant will work with other carrier SIM cards? I've tried to install a Telus SIM card but can't seem to connect. Telus uses the same network bands as AT&T. Anyway to unlock?

  6. surprise. This video is heavily biased towards Apple. Android is better and the numbers show.

  7. Didn't realise i was watching a verge review until the apple slave in the video kept insisting on the apple watch being better in so many ways. It's always funny when an apple fanboy thinks apple came out with something first, including the smartwatch. Hey child, Android Wear existed way before your fisher price apple watch, just fyi 🙂

  8. Or how about get a v1 Urbane? New ones can easily be found for $130, and is vastly superior to both of these "New" watches.

  9. Omg I can literally get on the internet on my Moto 360 v2 and my phone is dead because I forgot my charger at work.

  10. sir this is the most useless device I have ever seen as you can take the android phone or tablet to call someone and do other productive stuff at the same time on a screen of reasonable size as while your squinting at your watch someone can slap your arm making you hit yourself in the face then steal your phone .

  11. Hey is anyone reporting any software issues with this software version? I have the LG G Watch R and I still have version 1.5 on the watch, which means I haven't updated my watch yet but if you guys can give me some advice and feedback on how good the version 2.0 is, then that'd be great.

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