How To Do A Front Lever (STEP BY STEP)



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15r Bodyweight Rows
30s Hollowbody

PART 2 – MYTHS – 1:48



Mastery Rep Range – 3:20
Foundation: Scapula Pull Up – 4:20
Progression 2: Active L Hang – 5:12
Progression 3: Tuck Scapula Pull Up – 5:38
Getting Into A Front Lever – 6:31
Progression 4: Tuck Front Lever – 6:54
Progression 5: Adv. Tuck Front Lever – 7:16
Progression 6: Single-Leg Front Lever – 7:35
Progression 7: Piked Straddle Front Lever – 8:24
Progression 8: Straddle Front Lever – 9:00
Progression 9: Half Lay Front Lever – 9:18
Progression 10: Full Front Lever – 10:13


Extra 1: Mechanical Advantage Pull – 10:49
Extra 2: Front Lever Pull – 11:40
Extra 3: 360 Lever Pull – 12:05
Additional Video:
Extra 4: Ice Cream Makers – 12:48
Extra 5: Front Lever Rows – 13:15
Extra 6: Weighted Pull Ups – 13:32
Training Advice – 13:45


Chuki – Soar

Intro: 2BAD – Space Cake [FSTU Release]

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29 thoughts on “How To Do A Front Lever (STEP BY STEP)”

  1. What's up warriors, can we get a thumbs up for the return of tutorials?! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  2. Hey Tom, great to see the tutorials back. Just one question, do you see any advantages, benefits or gains to be made on training the front lever on bars or rings?

  3. Hey Tom,

    just as an additional note: First, I have also found that many people, when trying to do straddle FL or one leg extended FL, lack scapular strength as you said. Secondly, I have found that they do not pay attention to squeezing their glutes and contracting their quadriceps as in a leg extension. Sometimes this helps to sort of make them "realize" the movement more and also learn which key muscles are required.
    Great Job and a 3 year journey is hard ! 😀 But it gives me strength to achieve my OA chinup, which I have been working on over a year now. In percentage to the own bodyweight, how much weight (and the amount of reps) did you ADD before actually starting to train the OAC?

    Regards from Germany!

  4. Hey Tom. Really cool video, thanks for the info.
    Just a quick comment. I believe you're a bit mistaken when you talk about Front Lever misconceptions. While it is totally true the lats and scapula are by far the most taxed, the abdominal strength required is also much larger than simply a hollow hold from a physics standpoint.
    A hollow hold is done with the lower back flat on the ground. This means the floor supports your lower back. With the Front Lever, the weight goes from your hands, through your shoulders and is supported by the scapula. This is a much more disadvantageous lever than supporting the lower back.

    A more representative exercises of the Front Lever's core requirements would be a Dragon Flag, in which the weight also rests on the shoulders. It's obvious a Dragon Flag is magnitudes harder than a simple Hollow hold on the floor, so why should the Front Lever be any different?

    In fact, if you look at your FL and imagine laying it on the floor, it would contact your upper back well before your lower back. This tells you that you're not actually holding a proper hollow body during your Front Lever (whilst if you look at Ido or Ryan Hurst's FL, you'll notice their lower back is quite hollow). Please don't take it as an insult. As such:

    It has taken me a very long time to build up a FL like that of Ido. And I can tell you confidently that both from a physics standpoint and a experience standpoint, the abdominal needs are much more similar to a Dragon Flag and certainly far harder than a hollow body hold.


  5. Interestingly enough, the gymnastic bodies system recommends the half lay front lever before the straddle or even the single leg straddle. I'm sort of in agreement with you in that that movement seems to be much harder than straddles.

  6. Your an absolute beast! Thanks for sharing ! I had forgotten the imortance of the ice cream makers . I will swap it in my traing session!

  7. Great video. Inspiring . Thank you Tom. I am glad you included that it took 3 years for you. You have said it before, but it is OK to remind us the cost. You make it look easy. Great job as always.

  8. Awesome stuff, always some new snippits of information! 🙂
    I assume you have a planche video on the way too? :3

  9. Great job, seriously, this is very useful for me. What are your thoughts on using dragon flags as an assistance movement?

  10. I'm just happy to have achieved a consistent 10 sec full FL at 82kg. Think it's time to lose some weight again. Great tutorial, Tom!

  11. dont forget to mention that the elbows CAN NOT bend at all otherwise its not considered a proper one by gymnastic standards which as you know this is where the front lever originates from good video

  12. Man, you deserve 10 million subs. You can't find this much of great information in one place anywhere on youtube. Thank you so much. Keep doing what you do, you're a big inspiration!!

  13. 3 years!!! This is absolutely insane! I myself struggle with front lever for more than 1,5 years now. 184cm and 88kg makes it pretty challenging. Hope one day I'll have a nice front lever. Great vid, subscribed!

  14. Excellent tutorial. When doing the single-leg progression, did you do 2 sets with right leg extended and two with the left leg extended?

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