Trollsky Knifemaking – Making a santoku knife

Santoku knife made by 80CRv2 tool steel. My vision of a Japanese kitchen blade.

Music from Adrian Ziegler

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30 thoughts on “Trollsky Knifemaking – Making a santoku knife”

  1. I gave you alike simply for the Arnold T-shirt, love it. Great video too, you are a great craftsman.

  2. that's definitely a true sushi grade kitchen knife, the sharpness looks outstanding!
    look how he slices through the fish meat!

  3. Mr. Trollsky, what do you recommend for the heat treating? I have a basic kiln and have only been dealing with 1095 high carbon steel. Do I heat the knife up till it is no longer magnetic and quench just like 1095? Thanks in advance

  4. nowhere near the quality a top sushi chef would require in a knife. I wouldnt pay 20 bucks for a knife like the one made in the video.

  5. It's beatiful.Handwork masterpiece of your great talent.Japanese style cutting is awesome.Nice video, and your work as a blacksmith is incredible.

  6. hello michael.
    can i ask you a question which is urgent for me?
    i am an amateur knife maker from turkey and i use carbon steel like you.
    you don't completely clean the blade after heat treating, on the bevels.
    i want to do the same. are you sure about is it safe for cutting food?
    i dont want to be poisioned :))

  7. świetny nóż, świetny film 😀 z ciekawości, jakiego drewna tutaj użyłeś? wygląda trochę jak padouk i czarny dąb.

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