Could Venom still appear in the MCU Along the Sony Spider-Verse Films


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21 thoughts on “Could Venom still appear in the MCU Along the Sony Spider-Verse Films”

  1. A venom movie without spiderman? what is next? a jumanji movie without a magic board?


    what the fuck? what is next? an Alien movie without Aliens?

  2. hey its been reported that in season 2 of fx legion he will open a door to MCU infinity war and allow dead pool into the MCU too

  3. the way the mcu has treated spider man has been phenomenal, but the way the mcu has treated spider mans supporting characters has been absolutely DESPICABLE. eddie brock is some indian kid who is the bully of peter instead of flash and he isnt ever even gonna have a big part, or play venom ever, so why in living fuck of all that is holy are they naming minorities after characters that will never be used properly, instead of just creating a brand new character for these unnecessary minority cash in casting for all of peters friends. its the worst possible thing they can do with spider man, and his supporting cast of characters, is completely insulted by the unnecessary recast of characters that are, were, and will always be white characters in their best form period no question. its insulting to disrespectful stan lees creations this way. its only to cash in on minorities, IN FACT, minorities SHOULD BE OFFENDED by all this fake diversity bullshit. they are just making all the best characters brown cardboard cut outs. it would be different if the actors chosen could ACTUALLY have the same personality and physical structure, but what they do instead is the worst possible thing they could do with the classic beloved characters. disgusting. im all for diversity but they should ACTUALLY diversify by making entirely NEW characters, instead of taking the name from classics like spider man iron man captain america wolverine thor ect and all the other fake versions of characters. im all for diversity, but its not diversity if you make every white character brown. rediculous

  4. That "we aren't going to do anything in previous movies again" annoys me cause I want to see green goblin and venom done right

  5. the least sony could do is make it a spin off or something thats not in the MCU but is related to Spider-Man specifically

  6. I would love for sony and the Mcu to make 2 movies about Spiderman vs venom and cast Toby and Andrew both as Spider-Men for sony and Tom for the Mcu and both movies get venom right

  7. they should just call their universe the ultimate universe, where they can Co off the wall and just post a disclaimer in the beginning saying the universe is different from the mcu.

  8. It would be more confusing to have two spider-men than two quicksilver since Spider-Man is more well known and recognizable. I don't think Dylan O'brien would be a good high school Spider-Man but maybe a College Spider-Man. If they brought a new Spider-Man it would be good to change him up so you could tell the differences from MCU Spidey. I would totally support Tobey Maguire to come back but I don't think he would do it. Andrew Garfield too.

  9. I mean it's possible we've had two different versions of Quicksilver so it could be possible to have two different film adaptions of Venom.

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