Pachelbel – Canon In D Major. Best version.


This is Canon by Pachelbel. I have mixed some pictures in the song to make it even more relaxing :). Enjoy and feel free to comment.


25 thoughts on “Pachelbel – Canon In D Major. Best version.”

  1. It's funny how I listened to this masterpiece a few days ago. I bought a rocking chair for my new baby born, my little princess and the chair plays some music and even though it played in a very rudimental way this music brought my attention and I started to listen to it among the 10 songs it plays. And one night while I was trying to get my baby to sleep in my arms because mommy was tired of caring after her all day and was deep slept. I put the music on and looking at my little baby tears fell from my eyes and asked God to bless and protect my baby and gave thanks for giving me the chance of being dad. I hope to be a good one. The author of this piece must have been an amazing human being and a very close friend of God!

  2. magnificent, powerfully, love, everything in one you want and need. this is my heart if it had a tune. so beautiful.

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