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In the lifting world, few who seek the Holy Gains haven’t heard the name CT Fletcher, aka the “Superman of Compton.” If you haven’t, you will soon hear the booming thunder from beautiful Southern California, commanding your muscles to grow!

In 2013, CT Fletcher stormed onto YouTube as part drill sergeant, part preacher, and his no-bullshit approach to training and motivation caught fire. His videos showed brave souls receiving sinister exercise prescriptions that pushed them to the edge of quitting, while an overbearing CT barked madly at them with colorful sayings like, “Fuck average!” and “It’s still your motherfuckin’ set!”

Now with more than 140 videos to his name, this BAMF (that’s badass motherf—you get the idea) spurs nearly a million subscribers to “stop being a punk-ass” and put in the work.

Although his on-camera personality portrays him as one stone cold hard-ass, I would describe his in-person demeanor as a gentleman of gentlemen (a strong and burly one, at that). When you first meet him, you realize that his massive arms are no camera illusion. He didn’t acquire them by accident. More than anything, CT was captivated at a young age by the potential admiration one could garner with bigger-than-normal arms. He adds, “Walking down Compton Boulevard and hearing someone say, ‘Damn, look at those motherfucker’s arms—that’s what did it.”

CT knew he was strong, since strength had always coursed through his family bloodline, so eventually he turned to powerlifting to chase a shot at Mr. America, the Mr. Olympia-level glory of yesteryears. His powerlifting career proved to be shorter than he’d hoped, however.

After he underwent open-heart surgery in 2005, his training philosophy switched from lifting heavy-ass weights to his more popular and current style of menacingly high-volume, high-repetition training.

Perhaps more diabolical than the workouts themselves is the mind of the man who comes up with them. CT’s upbringing taught him early on that having an iron will and mind helped breed the laser-focused discipline and dedication necessary to push through any physical or mental adversity. His father, being both a soldier and a preacher, instilled in him a sense of taking action simply because “I fucking said so” (which unsurprisingly is also CT’s go-to reason). There’s no why or any room for questions or doubt—just action. “I think that’s where my style came from,” says CT.

You can see his father’s no-sugar-coating influence on CT when he trains himself or teaches others. Whereas some folks bust out textbooks, Excel sheets, and formulas to get the most out of their training, CT relies purely on instinct honed over 35 years, simply saying to do it “until you can’t do any fucking more.” Traditional sets-and-reps schemes don’t apply to his workouts; in fact, he encourages you to just take that system and throw it out the window.

Some might call his style a bit extreme or masochistic, but CT calls it the no-choice method of training. “I give you no choice, no options, no plan B ’cause I fucking said so,” he says.

“When you’re in the gym, you should be drained,” he explains. “You should have a hard time making it to your car.” He achieves this level of fatigue by employing a method called OMW, or one-movement workout. For example, if he squats, he will squat for the entirety of his leg workout. Other times, he’ll just do whatever the hell he feels like, pulling whatever happens to surface from the vast training library in his brain.

“Whenever someone asks me what I think about a training method, I always tell them, ‘Try it for yourself. Never dismiss it without trying it first, no matter how stupid it may seem to you or other so-called experts,'” CT remarks. “Worst thing you can do is discover it’s absolute bullshit; or best case, you add a valuable technique to your ever-growing bank of training knowledge.”


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  1. I wish people would do some education on how our body works maybe a kinesiology class so we can end all these myths and misconception about exercise. High reps are conducive to breaking down muscle fibers that's what you want if you wanna build size and shit

  2. Damn, this guy is Luke Cage with the abusive preacher father and the fighting mentality. This dude is a beast though. I can't even tell his age.

  3. I'm insecure with my body…..so I work out haha! Check me out here on YouTube and subscribe
    follow me on ig @brotha_phy_zeke??

  4. True guys don't believe everything you here at some gym trainer. There being paid so you can go back. Push yourself. The story of life is trail and error. Good luck everyone!

  5. This is pure inspiration from bad to good food and train hard or go home.
    Thankyou for sharing your story!?

  6. Thank you CT for giving me the motivation not that needed but deserved to have within me. I had kidney cancer so the doctors needed to remove my right kidney. I weight 356 lbs at 6'5 since listening to your motivational speeches I lost 60lbs and counting. I feel better and confidence has grown dramatically. THANKS!!

  7. I'm willing participant in working hard train me CT please I want to prove to myself and my haters that I'm a bad muthafuca

  8. I'm British and truly believe CT would be a fucking awesome president of the U.S, shit I would even vote this mother fucker to be the prime minister of the U.K. In a heart beat! Dude keeps shit real

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