FREE BLACK OPS 2 MODDED LOBBY (camos/xp) xbox one xbox 360


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GT: x Perry on YT inv to private chat and join!
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I sell recoveries pre-modded accounts and cohost on gta 5 and bo2.
msg me on skype for purchases ONLY!
Skype: Cookiiexmonsta
Xbox one user press start and other small button while on bo2
and then go to messages invite to private chat then invite me and join me!
Xbox 360 users just invite to private chat and join by going to messages!
What to do: Keep joining until you reach rank 55, prestige, join back and get to 55 again! Once your max prestige you unlock all guns first then join and get all camos!


37 thoughts on “FREE BLACK OPS 2 MODDED LOBBY (camos/xp) xbox one xbox 360”

  1. Hey perry can you give me a account that is just high In prestige for Xbox one so I can play it because I need a account

  2. Hey would love to get into one of these but your friends list is Full can you message me when your hosting one please

  3. Perry nice video bro! It would be amazing if you can give me some mods, thanks bro, your doing amazing with the channel.

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