Learning How To Love Yourself |

hey cutie 🙂

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About Me:
Name: Vanessa
Age: 20
Camera: Canon 70d
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31 thoughts on “Learning How To Love Yourself |”

  1. Nessa is so stunning!!! I love how she gives 0 fucks about people's opinions? So inspirational xxxx

  2. Girl ur beautiful!!!!❤❤❤ and yea they want ur lips now…cuz ur lips are bomb? girl the bigger the better

  3. One of my friends told this girl "ugh I look so fat today" and she said "yeah you do" and when my friend got mad at her she said "if you say it I can say it" honestly who fucking thinks like that, if your friend is feeling bad about herself make her feel better don't bring her down more?like if you agree

  4. The one thing about my physical appearance that I hate the most is that the hair on my arms and toes and all that are dark and it looks like I have more hair than most people and even my friends never fail to mention it and it makes me feel like that's a bad thing and it makes me look ugly, people have always mentioned it to me and i literally couldnt find anyone who had darker bodily hair like I do and that made me feel bad. My friend's bf said to me yesterday that I had hairy toes and my mood dropped instantly, I hadn't rreally thought a bout it for a while so I wasn't feeling that insecure but ever since he mentioned it, I couldn't not look at myself without seeing how ugly these things make me look. I feel that even the most important people in my life (a future girlfriend for example) would just think i'm ugly or think less of me because of how bad the hair looks because it's more visible than most people's

  5. but overall this video is so relatable, when i'm feeling insecure and like i'm not good enough and that my friends are better than me, I love watching the videos you make like this because they make me feel better and realize that I can't control these things

  6. Love this video ! I just had a baby so my body has obviously gone through a lot of changes.Learning to love my new body and the skin I'm in ?

  7. thank you for this. i didn't expect for this to be able to help me but it did. i'm gonna try to remember every morning to look in the mirror and say "you're that bitch" LMAO i hope it actually helps

  8. Vanessa my friend is going to kill her self what do i do and she only 12 last night she slept over and something happened and she ask me to give her a knife I ask why and she said to kill her self and I cry say no you can't you have so much to live for if you have nothing to live for live for me and I'm only 10 years old so it's petty scaring plz help Vanessa

  9. I'm 11 actually. Personally, my self-esteem is extremely low. I have blackheads and pimples which i cannot get rid of :/ Yes, it's not a big issue since people are suffering so much in the world. I have been experiencing suicidal thoughts since i turned 11 over the most pathetic things tbh and this video helped a lot actually. I have started to accept myself much more (I'm in a better state) Thanks.

  10. love you girly come to DC please ive watched your videos for years. but bitch you l ook like a princess from like star wars slayyyyyyy honeyyy

  11. I feel insecure cause like I have a hell ton of bald spots and when I try to do a hairstyle like nessa's in this vid my bald spots are always showing and that makes me feel SUPER insecure and ugly

  12. I love you so much Nessa you're literally beautiful both inside and out. Never let the haters get you down because you're a boss ass bitch keep slaying <3

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