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24 thoughts on “How to Draw: THE FEMALE BODY”

  1. Honestly, even though I'm a male, there are some tools I'd rather not have in my toolbox, and the unusual jutting of the chest and hips is one of them.

  2. little kid ask: HOW IT IS TO HAVE BOOBS?

    me: it's basically having two water filled balloons hanging from your neck…

    also, this description +drawing fits 100% how the muscles looks like

  3. Well I didn't listen that much … sorry jazz but I just wanted to see how not hear but this is certainly helpful because I'm a young artist I'm 11 … don't email me creeps or talk to me if your a creep c; but is sorta helps me because my body's were very….unrealistic but I will work on it ?

  4. The way that you are with woman is the way that I am with men. Whenever I do try to practice guys, my sister thinks I'm a creep. So I don't, and I suck at drawing men.

  5. In my opinion people should draw they own gender for example if your a boy you should draw boys or girls should draw girls for beginners artist because I'm a girl and I draw girls

  6. Let's draw a female body!
    Me: ooh ok let's make the boobs really big….
    Ok the rest of the body, sticks are fine

  7. "I was not support to look at the female figure because it was close to looking at porn" there is two million things wrong with this statement. I guess woman are just sex objects because looking at them means porn… Slap your younger self when time travel is a thing. (Last part is a joke)

  8. hola amigo exelente tecnica de dibujo de todos los videos de youtube creo sin duda que este es el mejor que e visto sin tanto trazo y sin mucha linea yo uso paint tool sai tu usas photoshop pero la tecnica es la misma gracias a ti video ya en menos de dos horas voy dibujando dos cuerpos donde me toma un dia entero y me quedaba feo gracias esta exelente

  9. fem·i·nin·i·ty
    noun: femininity; plural noun: femininities
    the quality of being female; womanliness.

    I can't believe it.

  10. ur not bad actually ı heard that the reason you are more confident drawing ur own gender is that u saw urself well without clothes and u know it better this sounded soooooo wrong

  11. I cannot draw the male body ugh. It's so difficult for me. Idk if it's because I'm a girl or whatever but it's so hard.

  12. This video is making me feel awkward because whenever I do draw a female body, females around me are there to criticize, "oh no her boobs are too big, we don't dress like that, we don't look like that her face is not right, why is she wearing makeup" and I just say listen lady! I'm only drawing the shit I see in real life okay!

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