Lightroom 6 / CC Tutorial – Quick Start Guide

Basic – Part 1 – In this video tutorial I show you how to get started quickly with Lightroom CC.

This Lightroom Tutorial for beginners will help you become better a photo editing and is brought to you by:

In this Video you will learn:

– How to Import Photos Into Lightroom
– How to do a basic edit in Lightroom
– How to export a photo in Lightroom


Part 1 – Lightroom Quick Start Guide –

Part 1 – Library Module basics
Part 2 – Collections

Part 1 – Basic Panel –
Part 2 – Crop tool –
Part 3 – Tone Curve –
Part 4 – HDR Merge –
Part 5 – Selective Color –
Part 6 – Amazing Skies –
Part 7 – HSL –
Part 8 – Radial Filter –
Part 9 – Spot Removal –


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28 thoughts on “Lightroom 6 / CC Tutorial – Quick Start Guide”

  1. I have a question about the importing of the photos. Im using a mac book pro and ive added the my pics to my photos so my camera is no longer connected. My issue is I cant find the pics from light room to import them do you have any suggestions

  2. Do you ever need to start with expanding the histogram before editing? I took a class many years ago in Photoshop, and the instructor talked about dragging the end of the histogram to fill up the chart or graph from left to right. She called it "running to the hills", and it was supposed to allow yourself more flexibility in editing somehow.

  3. thanx for the excellent tutorial..your tutorials help a lot.
    there's a photoshop and lightroom tutorial on my channel hope you guys find it helpful

  4. I have IMac computer at home but I am not sure if I can install Lightroom. What's the spec for the computer to be able to handle the program. Can I use MacBook or Mackbook pro when I travel?

  5. I can't the the folder structure named by years, that you claim is the way to work in another video. Can you clarify why this is, please? Many thanks.

  6. I do not have the same screen shot of Lightroom CC as you. I think that there was an update after you made this video. Shame. I really would have loved to follow along. Now I can't.

  7. Completely lost me or maybe I missed something (probably)? So when I have finished developing my image, where is my save option? I'm confused with export/import/export anon?? Oh and I just downloaded LR6 and when I switched it on, basically all my photo libraries show up in the left panel….Very confusing??
    Otherwise I really enjoyed it and will be watching all the other tutorials. Its a little bit more powerful than Pixlr isn't it 😀

  8. Please I do love to chat with you through any of the social platform. I have questions on the sharpness of my design

  9. Thanks, your explanations – both visual and verbal – are very clear and logical. I look forward to your series on lightroom.

  10. Wow!! Lots of great info. Can you tell me how to make custom templates Please? I would like to make a template for greeting cards. Thank you

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