Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Drop Test!


Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7? Which flagship device is the winner in this drop test?





34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Drop Test!”

  1. for everyone saying that he made the samsung drop wrong on the face drop, i'm pretty sure he prefers apple because he has an iphone and he usually does iphone vids. so I don't think be would've made sure the samsung survived.

  2. Hmm. Well the phones look pretty and all but these tests mean everything to me. I had the original galaxy s, the siii, and the s5 (had to send it out for multiple screen replacements and gave up after 3 replacements within 1 year). IPhones have always had a reputation for being the most brittle screens. Every Samsung I have had been replaced due to screen failures. Great phones but terrible durability. I have 2 physical jobs and I bump into things a lot while I'm lifting and carrying things around. I need to have my phone on me. I researched durable phones. I bought an LG V10 for almost 200 less than the S7 because it had a reputation for rugedness. 2 years later and it is the best phone I've ever had. built rock solid and not one chip on it. I've dropped it and smashed into things. still works like a champ. I just think these companies should take the price tag they are asking for and build better ruggedness into the design of,phones that cost almost a thousand dollars. Just my 2 cents. And yes, I always put my phones in good expensive cases. So that was never my problem.

  3. "oh these phones are so beautiful look at this great piece of technology" I get you dude, gotta hit that 5 minute ad revenue mark.

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